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The Obstacles Preventing You From Securing the Last Mile

Perhaps one of the most challenging areas that the security function has to secure is referred to as the last mile. Maintaining a secure and updated database plays a crucial role in securing the last mile, and given the enormous risks tied to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, security professionals have to be on their toes and up to date on all things linked to this infrastructure.

Databases contain incredibly sensitive information that makes them a prime target for cyber miscreants looking to siphon it for their own gain. Seeing as knowledge is power in cybersecurity, it’s essential to know what adversaries look for to get in, in addition to the typical weak spots or missteps that security leaders take, says Thomas Patterson, senior product manager at Trustwave.

“The big one right now is ransomware,” Patterson says. “Especially ransomware-as-a-service like GandCrab.”

This ransomware-as-a-service portal allowed digital thieves to pay for access to custom builds of ransomware they used to distribute through malicious email campaigns and exploit kits.

In the video interview below, Patterson discusses the importance of securing the last mile in the business, in addition to outlining the most prominent database threats security leaders face today.

Securing the last mile means securing your relational database and big data stores. Here’s how Trustwave can help you reach the ideal state of database security.


Marcos Colón is the content marketing manager at Trustwave and a former IT security reporter and editor.