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You’re Invited to Think Like a Cybercriminal (and Win Prizes) at our RSA Conference Hackathon

After infamous check forger and impostor Frank Abagnale – the subject of the 2002 Hollywood film “Catch Me if You Can” – was captured and imprisoned for his years of fraud and daring capers, he got a job with the FBI.

Why would a law enforcement agency that so relentlessly chased the master criminal want him to join its ranks? Because it needed someone who could think like a con artist.

During RSA Conference 2019, you’ll have your chance to channel your inner villain and establish and build upon the mental model that it takes to be a malicious hacker.

Trustwave is teaming up with Security Innovation for an interactive and competitive evening of hacking during the RSA Conference 2019. Taking place from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6 at the nearby Standard Deviant Brewery, the CMD+CTRL "find the vulnerabilities" game will pit players of all skill levels against each other as you hunt for security weaknesses across many vulnerability categories and then exploit those defects.

You’ll navigate a gamified cyber range to infiltrate commonly deployed business applications, perform various “nefarious” activities, compile points and cruise up the leaderboard.

All technology professionals are invited to play. And even if you don’t earn the claim the crown of head hacker, we guarantee you’ll learn in the process thanks to cheat sheets, hints and on-site expertise. Plus, food and beverages will be served.

There are limited openings, so reserve your seat now. Game on!