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Data Sheet

Certified Database Security Partner

Become our service partner and provide the implementation, consultation, and training services that customers require to maximize ROI from their AppSecInc solutions. The CASP designation provides proof of your ability to implement DbProtect, create customized policies, and help companies operationalize AppSecInc's database security solutions.

After completing this five day course, participants will:

  • have a clear understanding of Application Security's DbProtect platform, implementation methodology and operational models.
  • learn to use DbProtect basic and advanced functionality, and install, configure and deploy all components.
  • learn how to customize policies, rules, checks, filters, org structures and leverage built in analytics and reporting capabilities. Participants will also learn how to review identified vulnerabilities, user privilege entitlements and suspicious activity detection through analytics, alerts and reports.

Bring your specific expertise to help our customers. Partnerships mean added strength!