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  • Impact of Global Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

    74% of cybersecurity professionals say their organization has been impacted by the global cybersecurity skills shortage.


    For a second straight year, 100% of web applications tested possessed at least one vulnerability, with the median number of vulnerabilities rising to 15, up from 11 in 2017.


    A steep year-over-year increase of 1,250% was observed in cryptojacking malware, which was almost non-existent in 2017.

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Recent Security Advisories

Advisory Title Date
TWSL2019-004 Expression Injection Vulnerability in Qlik Products Jun 04, 2019 Read | Download
TWSL2019-003 Multiple Vulnerabilities in Grandstream Products Mar 21, 2019 Read | Download
TWSL2019-002 Vulnerabilities in SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer Mar 21, 2019 Read | Download
TWSL2019-001 OS Command Injection Vulnerabilities in LifeSize Products Feb 07, 2019 Read | Download
TWSL2018-012 Kernel Buffer Overflow in IBM Trusteer Rapport Dec 20, 2018 Read | Download

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