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Security Awareness Education Complimentary 60 Days

Your organization has sensitive and proprietary data to protect, and it is essential your employees understand the risks relevant to their duties. Through awareness programs, your organization can develop a team approach to risk management that engages and empowers every employee to participate in cyber threat prevention, detection and response. Help your employees be your best defense.

Trustwave Security Awareness Education (SAE) offers role-based security awareness content on-demand. Courses are comprised of lessons targeted for common organizational functions and many include animations and short videos to improve knowledge retention. Lesson may be mixed and matched to create a unique role-based course for your users, or you can select from the packaged role-based courses. The complimentary SAE courses will help your employees who may be new to a remote work environment be aware and vigilant against phishing, malware and social engineering threats in today’s intensifying landscape.

Trustwave SAE Offer Includes

  • Introduction to Security Awareness
  • Email Security
  • Malware Awareness
  • Mobile Security
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Social Engineering Awareness
  • Expedited onboarding assistance
  • (5) user licenses

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