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Security Testing Services for Networks Complimentary 60 Days

External Vulnerability Scans (EVS) / Virtual Internal Vulnerability Scans (Virtual IVS) service

With the rapid surge of remote workers, tools are rapidly evolving to provide access to workers.

Building out an essential infrastructure to support and secure your remote workforce while navigating unchartered waters can be overwhelming and fraught with hidden vulnerabilities. And with substantially more targets for attackers to go after, detecting vulnerabilities and diagnosing the digital health of your business before problems emerge is critical.

Common attack surfaces in this “new normal” era of remote workers

  • Remote Access Tools
  • VPNs
  • Internal Web Services

Let us help you identify your vulnerabilities, strengthen your resistance to cyber-attackers and protect your employees and business from harm.

Redeem your complimentary 60-day Trustwave Security Testing for Networks (EVS / Virtual IVS) offer*

Trustwave EVS / Virtual IVS scans are self-service solutions that allow you to manage your risk by regularly testing and patching/remediating detected vulnerabilities, re-testing after remediation, and performing ad-hoc testing to ensure no new risks are introduced when networks or applications change. Results from your self-service scanning may be viewed online within the Trustwave Fusion portal, either from an individual test perspective or from an organizational perspective.

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*Must be a new Security Testing for Networks (EVS / Virtual IVS) scanning customer. Excludes PCI scanning. Unlimited EVS / Virtual IVS scans for up to 1,000 IPs during the offer period.

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