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Australian Cyber Conference: Possibilities - Virtual Edition

Trustwave is proud to be a sponsor at this year's online conference hosted by the Australian Information Security Association (AISA). Tune in to the agenda online to hear from our experts and CISOs as they discuss the great talent migration and the challenges (and solutions) being used to keep staff, retain and develop culture, fill cybersecurity gaps and generally do more with less!

Bring your questions and your exasperation and we'll seek out the answers together in this session:

The Cybersecurity Talent Migration

The cyber talent pool is more like a whirlpool at the moment. Many people are looking for their next role as the shortage becomes apparent and salaries are escalating to attract the top performers. The number of open roles is greater than the available Australian candidate numbers. Talent importation is currently not an option. At the same time, some cybersecurity experts are exiting their career due to burnout, a reprioritisation of their personal goals due to the pandemic, or a shift in participation due to life stages. Join this panel session to hear from industry executives, as well as an Australian CISO, on how they address the problem. From recruitment, to internal development, incentives and culture, what levers have the biggest impact? They’ll discuss how to retain staff in this period of instability and how they cover the gaps!

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