Test Beyond the Tech


The rapid digital transformation required in 2020 resulted in a lot of changes in how (and where) organizations do business and what they’re doing to keep their new environments safe. One distinct outcome, stemming from the sudden growth in the remote workforce, was the adoption of an EDR (endpoint detection and response) solution, for example. Has your security posture evolved in conjunction with the operational changes made over the past year? To maintain your environment's security, you must ensure that your people, processes and technology all stay ahead of the expanding threat landscape and potential vulnerabilities resulting from digitization initiatives. Although automated tools play an important role in a layered security posture, they are not nearly as effective as when paired with human-led testing. Amplifying your current security tech stack with testing solutions provides an entirely new level of visibility.


March 04, 2021

John Cartrett

Charles Hamilton

Saeid Atabaki

Timothy McKenzie