Threat Detection and Response Consulting

Advise, transform, and operations enablement to improve security maturity.

Go Beyond the Traditional

The Trustwave Threat Detection and Response Consulting (TDR Consulting) team works with clients to solve security challenges through advisory, transformation, and operations enablement. The team has a technology and source agnostic approach to help clients optimize the security technologies they have and create new capabilities as needed.

What TDR Consulting Brings to You

A purpose-built, professional services engagement that pairs you with highly specialized security experts, architects and integrators.
In-depth planning and advisory service to help you identify and understand your current, target and future security state.
Hands-on engagement to put new capabilities to work and transform your organization.
Ongoing operations support, if desired, to continually improve your security maturity.

7 Experts on Security Maturity

In this eBook, experts from a variety of industries share advice on how to improve the maturity of a business’s security practice.

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Advise. Transform. Operations.

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    Optimize Your Security Toolset

    Align your security program to business cyber risks, in addition to enhancing detection and response capabilities.

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    Drive Business Innovation and Growth

    Meticulously assess security operations and tailor the right transformation approach based on business objectives.

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    Adapt to the Evolving Threat Landscape

    Navigate threats posed by an evolving attack surface, new technologies and regulations, and mergers and acquisitions and geographic expansions.

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    Empower Your Team

    Collaborate with Trustwave to remediate gaps in your transformation roadmap to develop processes, reporting and dashboards, and optimize technologies critical to your program.