Managed Security

Managed Application Control

A comprehensive endpoint whitelisting solution that combines a trust-based and policy-driven approach to application control, backed by real-time threat intelligence and around-the-clock monitoring from Trustwave experts.

Fully Managed, Hands-Free Operation

Establishing and maintaining visibility into software running on your endpoints is a challenge, but it's needed to help prevent attackers from infecting your network and stealing sensitive data. An effective way to take back control is to whitelist the applications that are allowed to run on systems and deny access to others, which is made possible by Trustwave Application Control.

What Managed Application Control Brings to You

A comprehensive endpoint whitelisting solution.
Real-time threat intelligence from the elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team.
24x7 monitoring from worldwide Trustwave security experts.
The ability to retain control and adhere to all your corporate security policies.
Research Report

2019 Trustwave Global Security Report

Cybercriminals and nation state actors are constantly refining their attack techniques, probing for weaknesses to exploit and adding to their arsenals for the sole purpose of cracking your environment to steal data and cause serious disruptions. The 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report is a comprehensive data-driven guide on the shifting threat landscape for keeping organizations informed and one step ahead of today’s digital marauders.

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Endpoint Visibility & Control.

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    Increase Security

    Prevent attacks, identify malicious activity and terminate unauthorized behavior before it negatively impacts operations by controlling application use on systems and endpoints.

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    Extend Your Team

    Augment your team with Trustwave experts and leverage their expertise to recognize critical threats that need your time and attention.

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    Proven Methodologies

    Work with Trustwave to maintain best practices, and ensure your policies and rules are optimally configured.

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    Actionable Information

    Identify trends and information to help improve efficiency and security with actionable reports and threat intelligence across managed servers.

Analyst Report

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide

For the second year in a row, Trustwave was named to Gartner’s "Leaders" quadrant. In the 2019 report, Trustwave moved higher in ability to execute and further in completeness of vision within Gartner's graphical representation of vendor performance. This report is required reading for security professionals evaluating managed security services providers.

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