Managed Security

Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting

Identify hidden attackers in your environment and open threat vectors that can lead to a data breach.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Attackers will penetrate your preventative defenses, but that doesn’t mean they will succeed. Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting leverages a human-driven approach with a creative focus on clues and hypotheses to detect and eliminate threats.

What Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting Brings to You

  • An understanding of the state of your security ecosystem
  • Proactive identification and elimination of active threats in your environment
  • Actionable findings and best practice remediation recommendations to mitigate risk
  • Threat hunters with decades of deep experience in digital forensics, malware analysis and cyber threat intelligence
  • Visibility into other weaknesses such as outdated and vulnerable software, violations to policy, insider threats, and unprotected databases
  • Peace of mind and a partner to help you fortify your security program

Why Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting is Different

  • Our human-driven approach employs Trustwave SpiderLabs threat hunting experts with defense mindsets and hands-on experience conducting hundreds of threat hunts and investigations.
  • Experts hunters leverage purpose-built threat hunting capabilities that work with supported technologies existing in your environment and Trustwave SpiderLabs cyber threat intelligence to perform the hunt.
  • When we find something, we work with you to take a response action. Receive actionable findings and remediation recommendations that can extend beyond endpoints including network traffic and security devices.
  • Visibility into other weaknesses, such as outdated and vulnerable software, violations to policy, insider threats, and unprotected databases.
  • Leverage Trustwave Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR) experts to handle a breach response investigation.
  • Seamlessly transition into the broader portfolio of Managed Threat Detection and Response Services like Managed Detection and Response Complete which includes continuous threat hunting.
Data Sheet

Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting

People are at the core of threat hunting and central to the practice. Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting combines human-driven and automated process with supported technologies in your existing environment and our purpose-built threat hunting capabilities to help you get ahead of your adversaries.

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