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Delivers advanced protection against today’s sophisticated email-based threats, extensive policy controls, and in-depth data security and compliance management.

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Protecting your email environment against spam, malware, phishing attacks, business email compromise, account takeover, ransomware and more is one of your top priorities. Trustwave MailMarshal Secure Email Gateway multi-layered intelligence and detection engine performs deep analysis of your inbound email traffic, in real-time, to protect your users from cyber threats, enables you to integrate the workflow of your email content into business processes, while scrutinizing outbound email traffic to prevent the loss of your proprietary data, intellectual property, confidential documents and financial records.

What Trustwave MailMarshal Delivers

  • Complete email protection against phishing, business email compromise
  • A sophisticated multi-layered approach to email security, pioneering the latest proprietary and best-in-class technologies to reduce false positives and protect against spam, gateway attacks, viruses, phishing attempts, and malicious URLs embedded in email.
  • Powerful data loss protection to help safeguard your intellectual property and achieve regulatory compliance
  • Ability to integrate into any Security Intelligence and Event Management (SIEM). APIs are available for threat remediation.
  • Domain protection from unauthorized use with Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC)
  • Detection of forged sender addresses in emails with Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM)
  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection and Rights Management Services (AIP/RMS) integration
  • Granular and flexible policy engine to enable workflow integration with your custom business processes
  • Comprehensive management controls
  • Built-in industry, machine and human intelligence from elite Trustwave SpiderLabs email security researchers
  • Around-the-clock support via online, email and phone, plus maintenance updates
  • Easy integration with Trustwave Managed Security Services for more in depth endpoint, database and network threat protection

Layering Trustwave MailMarshal with Microsoft 365 or other web-based email gateways

secure email gateway

Layering Trustwave MailMarshal with Microsoft 365 or other web-based email gateways delivers advanced protection from ordinary to sophisticated attacks by proactively detecting suspicious email, removing them from end user access and shielding well-intentioned end users from falling prey to known and targeted attacks.

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Deployment Options

On Premise

Gain industry leading protection against spam, phishing, malware, blended and targeted attacks by retaining on-site control and granularity of the data in your environment with an on-premises solution.


Maintain flexibility and control while migrating to cloud email solutions.

Combine a software-based on-premises or SaaS-delivered cloud deployment to furnish additional layers of protection and provide maximum detection against advanced threats.


Gain industry leading protection against spam, phishing, malware, blended and targeted attacks using a constant flow of product updates and enhancements.

Achieve improved email security, and save money by complementing your Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or other web-based email gateways with Cloud.

Research Report

2021 Email Threat Report

The 2021 Trustwave Email Threat Report details some of the most significant email threats organizations face and provides a window into the latest developments in the world of cybercrime.

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Comprehensive Protection

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    Advanced Detection and Filtering

    Stops external phishing, business email compromise and other threats by scanning for email anomalies, inconsistencies, and malicious behavior in the email’s structure, content, attachment, and links.

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    Extensive Policy Controls

    Implement custom policy configurations based on trigger points, content filtering and other policies for greater control.

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    Customizable Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

    Avoid targeted phishing and BEC attacks through the combination of email security measures, employee education and best practices.

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    Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

    Scan outbound emails and attachments to provide full DLP-level inspection to manage confidential data and meet stringent industry and regulatory requirements.

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    Time of Click URL Scanning

    Validates every URL and webpage at the time of click and not just at the time of receipt to ensure you are protected anytime and from any device.


Optional Security Modules

These security modules, used in conjunction with Trustwave MailMarshal, provide additional layers of protection and compliance capabilities for your business.

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    Advanced Threat Protection

    Identifies, catches, neutralizes and blocks, in real-time, websites that serves up suspicious or malicious code to company users and provides zero-day protection against phishing, blended and targeted threats.

  • Folder Icon

    Comprehensive Email Archiving

    Provides a systematic approach to save and protect the data contained in email messages to enable fast retrieval. This tool plays an essential role at companies in which data permanence is a priority.

  • Dashboard Portal Icon

    Image Analyzer

    Automatically scans and sorts images entering the company via email into two categories – offensive and pornographic and normal and acceptable. Protects employees, customers, and suppliers from exposure to inappropriate and illegal content reducing and removing legal liability.

  • Alert Icon

    Malware Analysis Sandbox

    Proactively prevents advanced malware and provides a safe environment in which to execute and observe malicious code or to encourage threats into exposing themselves. It also reduces the amount of time between infection and remediation, mitigates the risk of breaches, and detects zero day or unknown attacks.

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    Simple, Advanced Email Encryption

    Email users can securely send emails containing sensitive or confidential information and documents to any recipient around the globe without requiring the recipient to download or install any software.

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