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CSX 2015 North America (Cybersecurity Nexus)

ISACAs Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX) was created as a result of our commitment to address the urgent global need for skilled cybersecurity professionals. CSX is a knowledge platform and professional program designed to be a single source for all things cybersecurity that will help you through every step of your career, no matter what your level of experience. In the same spirit, we are proud to introduce our inaugural cybersecurity conference and premier industry event, CSX 2015 North America. Join us in Washington, DC during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, as we bring together some of the leading experts in the industry for an exciting event designed to give the knowledge, skills and tools you need to help protect and defend your organization. Learn hands-on how to incorporate industry best practices, with over 70 sessions - each tailored to individual levels of cybersecurity expertise and experience.

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