Cybersecurity company Trustwave, which has its Canadian headquarters in Waterloo, released the results of its fourth annual Security Pressures Report on Wednesday. The survey is based on interviews with 1,600 IT and cybersecurity professionals around the world.

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According to Trustwave’s 2017 Security Pressures Report, the answer is yes, a shift is happening, especially in who is putting the pressure on staff for improving cybersecurity efforts. Security is becoming more personal, the report said, with 24 percent of respondents citing pressure exerted by oneself to deal with cybersecurity, which is up 13 percent over last year’s report. Nearly half of the respondents did admit that they feel the pressure from executives and boards of directors, but that number is down 13 percent from last year.

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April Patch Tuesday is here and, like the change of the seasons, this release comes with changes in how Microsoft presents these updates. Gone are the days of the Security Bulletins and instead Microsoft is taking a more CVE focused...

In the previous posts, Steganography... what is that? and Steganalysis, the Counterpart of Steganography, I gave a quick introduction about what steganography and steganalysis are. I know it was full of mathematical terms so now it is time to explain...

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