Knowledge is Power

Wilson Tan believes infosec training should be immersive & experiential, and stretch from the server to the board room.

The Incident Responder

Squaring off against the world’s top cybercriminals, Matt Presser doesn’t relent until he’s found and overpowered them.

The Flying Caretaker

With nerves of steel, Rafal Pachulski is always ready for how the winds might blow – at work and in the air.

The Pen Testing Couple

Martin Murfitt and Tanya Secker are a pen-testing duo that is equal parts fastidious and free spirited.

The Threat Hunters

These brainy SpiderLabs investigators spend their days combing through mountains of data to uncover digital malice.

The Software Detective

Kim Powers, head of software quality assurance at Trustwave, has a zest for precision - both at home and in the office.

The Blind Coder

Niko Carpenter taught himself to program without the help of eyesight. Now, bigger things await.

The Airman Hacker

Dennis Wilson always had a techie streak, but it took enrollment in the U.S. military to find his true calling.