• Each year, our compendium grows, and conveys the latest information from our data breach investigations and global threat intelligence. This includes critical findings about attackers, entry points, vulnerabilities and exploits. The report serves as a technical canvass of the intrusion landscape, and does so with the recognition that security is a business priority. As a collection, the report records the history and evolution of the cybercriminal and the data compromise. By itself, each edition presents the latest facts that security professionals can use to defend their organization's assets and make compelling cases to management about the challenges they face.

  • 2018 Global Security Report

    Brimming with latest threat, vulnerability and breach data, the 2018 Trustwave Global Security Report is required reading for security professionals. The 108-page PDF will help support your security efforts for months to come by taking you inside the mind of cybercriminals to uncover the methods, tools and preferences behind their digital escapades. Based on real-world compromise investigations, threat intelligence, product telemetry and world-renowned research, this document is built to be shared with your team and wider organization and will help you instantly make better security decisions.

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  • Explore previous security reports

    • 2017

      In the battle between good and evil in the world of cyber, knowledge is power. The more you understand about your foe, specifically the manners and mechanisms they use to invade your business, the higher your chance is for fighting them off. Our annual collection of cybercrime data is one resource the bad guys don’t want you to have.

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    • 2016

      The 2016 Trustwave Global Security Report is the industry’s definitive publication on cybercrime and cyberattack trends. Based on hundreds of data breach investigations, extensive product telemetry and renowned research, the report guides you through the latest means, motivations and modus operandi of the modern-day cybercriminal – and offers actionable guidance so you can stay ahead of your adversaries.

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    • 2015

      Based on actual threat intelligence and forensic investigations, the 2015 Trustwave Global Security Report will take you for a wild ride through the dark and seedy criminal underground, where vulnerabilities and exploits, breaches and stolen data, and criminal blueprints and profits rule the day.

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    • 2014

      The 2014 Trustwave Global Security Report reveals who cyber criminals attack, what information they want and how they get it. Inside you'll find insightful stats and charts that illustrate threat trends. Use the report and the actionable advice inside it as you map out your future security programs.

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    • 2013

      This year, Trustwave analyzed hundreds of businesses, millions of passwords and billions of emails, all in an effort to expose the most critical and emerging security threats to organizations around the world. The results — along with real-world scenarios and actionable advice — make up the 2013 Trustwave Global Security Report.

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    • 2012

      The Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report was a reflection and analysis of investigations, research and other client engagements conducted throughout 2011. During that year, Trustwave SpiderLabs investigated more than 300 breaches and performed more than 2,000 penetration tests around the world.

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    • 2011

      The foundation of Trustwave’s Global Security Report for 2011 was data from real-world investigations and research that Trustwave SpiderLabs performed in 2010. To assist with the planning and security efforts of our readers, this report offered analyses of data compromise investigations, offensive exercises and defense strategies taken directly from Trustwave’s expansive global client base.

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    • 2010

      For 2010, Trustwave broadened the Breach Report beyond compromise trends and statistics to address the growing threats in the global marketplace, those that were seen in everyday practice. In addition to the analysis of breach investigations, this report provided detailed technical information on the top vulnerabilities encountered during the penetration tests we performed in 2009.

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    • 2009

      This report was an analysis of Trustwave’s investigations of credit card compromises through October 29, 2008.  We derived the information and statistics from 443 cases of cardholder data compromise investigated by Trustwave since 2001, the culmination of almost seven years of card compromise investigations.

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