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Educational institutions face unique challenges that make them especially vulnerable to hacker attacks and exfiltration of both personal information and intellectual property.

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The education sector handles massive amounts of personal information that criminals covet, yet still must promote the spirit of academic access and openness. The good news is despite these limitations, which also may include security skills shortages, you can take steps to take back control.

What the Education Sector Needs to Do

Implement strong access control and security awareness to help prevent phishing attacks.
Deploy technologies that provide real-time protection against malware, including ransomware.
Identify and patch vulnerabilities across databases, networks and applications (including mobile).
Reduce detection time, particularly on endpoints, as the number of connected devices grows.
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2020 Trustwave Global Security Report

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Trustwave is well positioned to help resource-deprived K-12 schools, colleges and universities handle emerging threats and move to a more data-centric security strategy. These are some of the ways we can help.

Security Awareness Education

Offer your staff, from the C-suite to developers to the rank-and-file, the cloud-based tools they need to help safeguard your data.

Managed Security Testing

Conduct vulnerability scanning and penetration testing across your databases, networks and applications to reveal vulnerabilities.

Threat Detection and Response

Leverage our SOC experts to detect threats with log collection and SIEM services, and monitor your endpoints to identify advanced threats, including ransomware – a top threat to schools.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Determine quickly the source, cause and extent of a breach and then contain, eradicate and investigate the incident, or get proactive by solidifying your response before a security event occurs.