Upcoming Live Webinars

  • Upcoming Live Webinar

    Magnify Your Threat Visibility in a Hybrid World

    • date_range May 25, 2021
    • access_time 2:00 PM EDT

    In a hybrid world, the ability to identify and stop a threat before it becomes a breach is an uphill battle. Many organizations struggle to maintain proactive security. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services can help alleviate these burdens while ensuring a proactive, robust security posture. Join Trustwave in this session to learn more about: your existing security solutions; stopping threats; and your current capabilities to enable a proactive security posture.

  • Upcoming Live Webinar

    Is SIEM Heading for Extinction?

    • date_range Jun 08, 2021
    • access_time 11:00 AM CDT

    Extended Detection and Response (XDR) collects information from disparate security platforms to enable quicker, easier threat detection and response. XDR is often marketed as a replacement for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, but is SIEM truly heading for extinction? To learn more about the future of SIEM, optimizing your existing security solutions, and choosing the right MDR partner, join the conversation.