Hybrid Security Operations

Co-Managed SOC (SIEM)

Take back control of your security operations. Make your SIEM work for you. Reduce alert noise by up to 90%.

Experts Will Transform Your Security Operations

Unlike most, we don’t add another tool to solve a tool problem. You’ll work directly with SIEM and SOC experts who have decades of experience deploying and managing SIEMs, building and operating SOCs, and eliminating cyber threats.​

Maximize Investment Value

Realize greater value and efficiency from your SIEM investment with enterprise-proven process, use cases, and ongoing expert tuning customized to your needs.

Eliminate Active Threats

Never miss an alert. 24x7 global threat monitoring, triage, investigations, and response prioritization helps you to eradicate threats with speed and precision.

Accelerate Productivity

Our security experts will seamlessly integrate and augment your security operations team to accelerate productivity and free up resources.

A Proven Approach for Unrivaled Results

From the start, we work with you to understand your unique business needs, tune your SIEM for optimal performance, tailor use-cases, and introduce you to named Cyber Success Team experts that will work with you for the life of the service.

Consult & Plan​

Curated use case roadmap designed specifically for your business

Build & Onboard

Proven methodology to accelerate time to value

Manage & Monitor

High fidelity outcomes enriched by SpiderLabs threat intelligence

Advise & Tune

Named resources provide continuous improvement of policies and use cases


Personalized Tuning & Expert Guidance

Gaps in people, process, and technology contribute to cyber risk and can hinder realization of the SOC mission. We work with you to identify any gaps and augment your security team where it’s needed most.

Consult & Plan
Build & Onboard

Discovery & Assessment

  • Pre-deployment planning
  • Gap and risk analysis
  • Calibrate for readiness

Cyber Success Team​

  • Proactive problem solvers
  • Tenured SIEM & SOC experts
  • Transparent & collaborative

Use Case Workshop

  • Tailored use case development
  • SIEM tuning for high confidence alerts
  • Predictable capacity & cost management

Faster Time-to-Value​

  • Focused transition timeline​
  • Clear alignment for hybrid operations
  • Tuned & ready for steady state

We can help

Find out how our Co-managed SIEM and SOC experts will transform your security operations.


Manage & Monitor

As an extension of your team, you’ll have the right expertise where & when it matters most to you. Industry best practices & flexibility are the core to our SIEM management & monitoring service.

24x7 Global Threat Monitoring

  • Real-time threat monitoring, alert triage, and incident investigation with actionable alert prioritization to stop threats fast.

SIEM Technology Management​

  • Continuous SIEM policy management, patches, and security updates for optimal health and availability.

SpiderLabs Global Threat Intelligence

  • Unrivalled, curated threat intelligence from global operations and third-party sources to eliminate known threats in your environment in real-time.

Hybrid Operating Model

  • Flexible co-management of security operations as an extension of your security team to maximize your efficiency, capacity, and productivity.

Advise & Tune

Trustwave Cyber Success Team will work with you to continuously improve your cyber resilience by leveraging applied learnings, curated threat intelligence, and decades of IP from global client engagements. To maximize your investment, you retain ownership of improvements we make on your behalf. We don’t hold your SIEM hostage.

Your Trusted Advisor

  • Named experts with decades of experience
  • Proactive investigations and tailored solutions
  • Continuous tuning and optimization
  • Global peer network during critical incidents


  • Enhance quality of detection logic & reduce alert noise by up to 90%
  • Eliminate alert fatigue & improve response times
  • Sharpen your security policy & architecture
  • Get custom reports & frequent collaboration
Additional Benefits

Security Colony Subscription Included​

Now you have instant access to the tools you need to be proactive and improve your security maturity. Get the insights, implement the recommended action, and track your progress.

  • Daily Breach Monitoring ​

  • Ransomware Readiness ​

  • Vendor Risk Insights

  • Track your Security Maturity

  • Ask an Expert Security Forum

  • Resource and Educational Video Library

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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed SIEM, also known as Co-managed SIEM, is a managed security service that helps organizations operate and manage the complexities of their SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) security product. In addition, Managed SIEM vendors may also provide alert monitoring and light investigation of security incidents.

Co-Managed SOC (Security Operations Center) is a managed security service that goes beyond Co-managed SIEM by including expert resources to help organizations plan, build, and run their SIEM and security operations teams with greater efficiency. Services include 24x7 global alert monitoring, triage, and in-depth investigation augmented with threat intelligence. In addition, SIEM/SOC experts provide ongoing tuning of use cases, threat hunting, and consultation for improving security policy and architecture. Co-Managed SOC service is a hybrid operations model that augments an organization’s resources where it’s needed most.

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) can be a service consumption model in which the vendor assumes ownership of the infrastructure and product licensing. This can be a turn-key solution for smaller organizations without a current SIEM or a security operations center.

Trustwave provides Managed SIEM services as a core element of Trustwave Co-Managed SOC services.

In addition to Trustwave Co-Managed SOC services, clients often include Trustwave Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service for comprehensive threat response, threat hunting on the endpoint, malware reverse engineering, remote incident response, and more features to instantly improve their defenses against sophisticated cyber threats.