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Chinese Tax Software Hides Nasty Spyware

The cybersecurity firm Trustwave has released a new report detailing its discovery of a new type of malware hidden inside Chinese tax software.

Malware Stashed in China-Mandated Software is More Extensive Than Thought

Three weeks ago, security researchers exposed a sinister piece of malware lurking inside tax software that the Chinese government requires companies to install. Now there’s evidence that the high-stealth spy campaign was preceded by a separate piece of malware that employed equally sophisticated means to infect taxpayers in China.

Hidden Back Door Embedded in Chinese Tax Software, Firm Says

When a U.K.-based technology vendor started doing business in China, it hired a cybersecurity firm to proactively hunt for any digital threats that could arise as part of doing business in the country. The firm discovered a problem, one with such major implications that it alerted the FBI.

How to Shop Online Safely During the Pandemic

Even as stores reopen in many parts of the country, people are still shopping online more than ever. And that includes using new sites set up by their favorite small businesses attempting to stay afloat through perilous economic times.

Sextortion is evolving during the coronavirus pandemic, report says

Sextortion is evolving into nastier ways to try to extort people. To date, the basic template for this cybercrime has been to claim people's accounts have been hacked, with the criminals saying they have video proof – usually via webcam – of a person watching sexual content. The criminals demand immediate payment in Bitcoin – which gives the extortionist anonymity – or they will release the video to the public.

Crooks Tap Google Firebase in Fresh Phishing Tactic

A series of phishing campaigns using Google Firebase storage URLs have surfaced, showing that cybercriminals continue to leverage the reputation of Google’s cloud infrastructure to dupe victims and skate by secure email gateways.

Coronavirus Worries Allow New Scams to Take Hold

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the worldwide level of concern surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus to launch an insidious new round of attacks that are much more effective than previous cyber-attacks.

Hackers Update Age-Old Excel 4.0 Macro Attack

Researchers from security firm Trustwave said they discovered a new malspam campaign that sends Excel 4.0 xls 97-2003 files with a compromised macro in email messages. The ploy is predictable and attempt to dupe users with themes ranging from fake invoices to COVID-19 related lures.

How Cybercriminals are Exploiting the Coronavirus Outbreak

Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities stemming from the global coronavirus pandemic, including distracted workers and stretched-thin IT staff, as cybersecurity attorneys say the spread of COVID-19 has also brought with it a spike in data security incidents.

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