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Trustwave Media Coverage chronicles news articles and TV spots featuring commentary and insights from our experienced experts and enlightening studies.

4 ways to minimize the risk of IT supply chain attacks

Mark Whitehead, Global Vice President, SpiderLabs Consulting at Trustwave breaks down the importance of taking a zero-trust cybersecurity approach when it comes to protecting networks and data accessible by third-party partners.

Hybrid Cloud is Driving Digital Transformation

The hybrid cloud model is increasingly used in digital transformation and data storage according to a new report from Trustwave. Of over 950 IT professionals surveyed, 55 percent use both on-premises and public cloud to store data with 17 percent using public cloud only.

Iran and Russia Seek to Influence Election in Final Days, U.S Officials Warn

Iran and Russia have both obtained American voter registration data, top national security officials announced late on Wednesday, providing the first concrete evidence that the two countries are stepping in to try to influence the presidential election as it enters its final two weeks.

Spammers Add Random Text to Shortened Links to Evade Detection

Spammers are using a new technique of generating URLs to evade detection by humans and spam filters alike. This technique comprises adding random, unused text bits to shortened links, to disguise them as full-sized URLs and bypass the scrutiny of email gateways.

Spammers Use Hexadecimal IP Addresses To Evade Detection

A spam group has picked up a pretty clever trick that has allowed it to bypass email filters and security systems and land in more inboxes than usual. The trick relies on a quirk in RFC791 — a standard that describes the Internet Protocol (IP).

Trustwave Fusion Platform Launches on AWS GovCloud

Threat detection and response services provider Trustwave has launched its Trustwave Fusion platform on Amazon Web Services GovCloud – letting Federal agencies and government contractors take advantage of the cloud-native cybersecurity platform to combat ever-changing security threats.

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