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Trustwave Media Coverage chronicles news articles and TV spots featuring commentary and insights from our experienced experts and enlightening studies.

The normalization of data leaks and the privacy paradox [Q&A]

Derek Taylor, Lead Principal Security Consultant at Trustwave, explains why we shouldn't accept data breaches as the norm and how the user’s privacy calculus around data disclosure decisions can easily be manipulated.

Tax email, text scams to watch out for

Ziv Mador, VP of Security Research, Trustwave SpiderLabs, encourages taxpayers to be wary of email phishing tax scams, showing examples of how fraudsters can lure victims into sharing personal information.

4 ways to minimize the risk of IT supply chain attacks

Mark Whitehead, Global Vice President, SpiderLabs Consulting at Trustwave breaks down the importance of taking a zero-trust cybersecurity approach when it comes to protecting networks and data accessible by third-party partners.

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