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Breach ripple effect leads to exponentially greater financial damage

SolarWinds is an example of ripple breaches, which are increasing 20% per year. Lead security principal consultant, Kevin Kerr, points to a recent attack to a central bank in Denmark where a trusted entity passed malware on to unsuspecting users.

Secure your databases against opportunistic attackers

Findings from Radoslaw Zdonczyk at Trustwave have shown there will be login attempts to databases and internet servers before IP addresses are listed by scanners similar to Shodan, leading to an increase in vulnerabilities.

This is what happens when you’re hit by a ransomware attack

Trustwave SpiderLabs’ Ed Williams participates in a video interview with Danny Palmer at ZDNet discussing the ins and outs of a ransomware attack, how cyber criminals get into networks and what they actually do once inside

Ransomware: dealing with the aftermath

In this episode Trustwave’s Ed Williams and journalist Stephen Pritchard look at the 30 days after a ransomware attack, the impact of ransomware attacks on operations and reputation, and how businesses can recover

Telemetry Report Shows Patch Status of High-Profile Vulnerabilities

Twenty percent of this year’s new vulnerabilities were given a ‘high severity’ scoring by the NVD and given the speed with which malicious actors can start exploiting these vulnerabilities, researchers at Trustwave investigated and reported on how quickly industry patches them.

Why organizations are slow to patch even high-profile vulnerabilities

To help organizations get a better handle on their patch management, Trustwave says organizations should assign an individual or a team to design a security program that covers risk management and policy, provide training, and implement an effective incident response plan.

The Great Data E-Scrape

Eric Pinkerton explains how to safeguard personal data on social media platforms, in light of multiple data scrapes in 2021 alone.

A five-point strategy for taking on ransomware

Grayson Lenik of Trustwave Government Solutions shares how organizations can defend themselves against growing ransomware threats by training employees in security best practices, vetting the supply chain, implementing layers of defense and hacking their own organization in a byline article for SC Magazine.

Global MDR and MSS Leader Trustwave Sees 2x Demand In Ransomware Preparedness Services

With the surge in ransomware over the past year, Trustwave has seen a 2x demand for its ransomware preparedness services. The increase in demand has been driven by CEO and board-level interest in cyber resilience and preparedness, according to Darren Van Booven, Lead Principal Consultant at Trustwave and former CISO of the U.S. House of Representatives.

MacOS Flaw in Telegram Retrieves Deleted Messages

Reegun Richard Jayapaul, Trustwave SpiderLabs Lead Threat Architect, discovered the flaw in the Self-Destruct feature of Telegram MacOS, which is part of the Secret-Chats aspect of the messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption.

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