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Internet of Things Predictions for 2020

Smart cities, connected cars and other emerging technology trends fueled by IoT-enabled devices are likely to further gain pace from 2020 onwards – so here are some of the major IoT trends today and what to expect in the year ahead.

Travelex Refuses to Say if it Paid $6m Ransom to Hackers

Hackers behind the ransomware attack on New Year's Eve claimed to have stolen customer data including credit card information, and threatened to publish it online if they weren’t paid the money within seven days.

How to Keep Your Devices Secure When You Travel

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be traveling with all of your devices this holiday season. But according to Trustwave, you need to do a quick security check-up.

Why Enterprises Buy Cybersecurity ‘Ferraris’

You wouldn’t purchase an expensive sports car if you couldn’t use it properly. So, why make a pricey security investment before knowing it fits into your ecosystem?

Fake Windows 10 ‘Update’ Is Actually Just Filled With Ransomware

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates have been controversial as of late. They’ve been filled with patches fixing previous updates’ bugs only to create more issues. Now, there’s a whole new problem altogether: Fake ransomware-filled updates.

Windows Users, Beware: This Fake Update Could Lock Up Your PC

With the end of support for Windows 7 coming in January, many users are looking to update to Windows 10 to continue getting security updates and support from Microsoft. According to a report from security firm Trustwave, attackers are well aware of this and targeting Microsoft users with fake update emails.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Fixes 59 Flaws

Microsoft has issued its monthly security (Patch Tuesday) update, to fix a total of 59 vulnerabilities in its operating systems and products.

The Secret to Total Cyber Security

Good cyber-defense requires total visibility of the network to understand what could be a potential vulnerability. In cybersecurity, a network is only as strong as its weakest point. Chris Schueler, Trustwave’s Senior Vice President of Managed Security Services, shares more in an exclusive interview with GovInsider.

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