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Crain’s Hosts Tech 50 Event

Crain’s Chicago Business hosted its Tech 50 event honoring its annual list of headliners, behind-the-scenes heroes, new faces and emerging stars of Chicago tech. More than 100 people attended the event at cybersecurity company Trustwave’s office in the loop.

Snake Bites and Data Breaches

Why is treating a snake bite like responding to a data breach? It might sound like the beginning of a cheesy joke, but the two can have more in common that you might expect.

Hotel Kiosks Could Be Unsafe Due to Exposed Keys in Tech Tool

Researchers found that an application available on an unsecured website included credentials that could have allowed compromising consumer-facing Uniguest kiosks used by businesses in various activity sectors.

The Financial Implications of Cyber Crime

The modern-day robbery is no longer about criminals storming a bank wearing ski masks, brandishing firearms and filling bags with stolen cash. Instead, criminals now relay on more clandestine yet equally effective methods of stealing from financial institutions.

Wave and Pay: Cardless Card Make a Comeback Despite Previous Security Concerns

The convenient technology known as "wave and pay" available with some credit cards is making a comeback after serious security concerns. The technology is a debit or credit card with a wireless symbol where all you have to do is just wave it in front of a payment terminal and your transaction is done in seconds.

The Hotel Hackers Are Hiding in the Remote Control Curtains

Three men dressed for business travel in jeans and dress shirts loaded backpacks into the trunk of a black coupe and wound their way through the center of a major European city. When they arrived at their hotel, they unloaded their luggage and waited giddily to pass through the revolving doors. They were checking into the hotel to hack it.

Sure Links Up With Cyber Experts

Telecoms company Sure has joined forces with a firm fighting the threat from cybercrime. The company is called Trustwave.

How to Stay Secure While Shopping Online

Hackers are targeting credit cards online more, a new report found. The number of cards being targeted went up by 7 percent, according to Trustwave’s global security report.

Trustwave Report: Threat Containment Getting Better

Given much of the publicity that is routinely attached to every breach disclosure these days, it’s easy to be pessimistic about the overall state of cybersecurity.

Enterprises Not Doing So Well on Net Protections

You may have business relationships with an internationally located vendor, supplier, provider, contractor, employee, or customer. You may have boosted cybersecurity in your network. Be vigilant, attackers can use your business relationships as stepping-stones into your network.

Trustwave Releases New Database Security Updates

Trustwave is introducing a new database security scanning and testing software that helps organizations better protect critical data assets hosted on-site or by major cloud service providers.

Data: E-Retail Hacks More Lucrative Than Ever

This in-depth report from Trustwave contains a number of useful suggestions that sites can consider for a defense-in-depth approach to combating an increasingly crowded field of criminal groups turning more of their attention toward stealing CVV data.

Cyber-security Is Improving, Though Risk Continues to Grow

The 2019 Trustwave Global Security Report, released on April 25, has its fair share of bad news as it has found that multiple types of attacks have grown and attackers have continued to increase levels of sophistication.

Piracy Apps Surf for Vulnerabilities

Cyber criminals are attacking more accounts in the Asia Pacific region than North America, representing 35 percent of investigated data compromises, according to the annual report out today by Trustwave.

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