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How Banks Need to Evolve Security in the Age of the Cloud

As a high-profile target for breach attempts, banks are all too familiar with having a bullseye on their backs. Over the past ten years, there has been a massive industry shift in the financial services sector from compliance-based cybersecurity to proactive and predictive threat detection and response operations.

Trustwave's Action Response: Kaseya VSA Zero-Day Ransomware Attack

On the afternoon of Friday, July 2, reports indicated that the REvil ransomware gang was actively targeting managed service providers (MSPs) who use Kaseya Virtual System/Server Administrator (VSA) to manage the networks of other businesses with a zero-day attack.

Why Partnership Between the CISO and Internal Audit Is Critical To Achieving Cyber Resilience

Most security leaders look at Internal Audit as performing assessments or investigations and looking for deficiencies with a set due date and time. But today, internal audits are a continuous lifecycle. Internal Audit is constantly evaluating controls – even when it's the off-cycle for audits – to ensure controls are properly designed, operating effectively and the right people are in the right roles to perform the control activities.

Leadership Lessons in Managing Cloud Cyber-Attacks

One of the key themes discussed at the conference was the cloud. Reaching a state of cyber resiliency in the age of the cloud is one the biggest challenges security leaders and organisations across the state-level or enterprise-level face.

Why MDR is Your Most Important Security Investment

The cybersecurity threat landscape is continuously evolving, with the frequency and impacts of threats like malware and ransomware increasing every year. Today, organizations of all sizes and in every industry sector must be proactively searching for emerging threats and actively monitoring risk to protect themselves – and respond quickly in the event that a threat is identified. Amid this challenging threat landscape, organizations are struggling to find enough cybersecurity professionals to staff their teams. Globally, there is a cybersecurity worker shortage of nearly 4 million. So how can companies undertake proactive threat detection and response during a vast skills shortage?

Colonial Pipeline Attack Spotlights the Importance of Ransomware Preparedness

In one of the most high-profile attacks on critical infrastructure in recent years, operations at the company were shut down on May 7 after a hacker group, now identified as DarkSide by the FBI, launched a ransomware attack against the organization in an attempt to extort millions of dollars.

Password Security Tips For the World of Remote Work

Password security has become even more critical in the age of remote work. With more corporate devices online and more new user account creation than ever before, strong passwords take center stage as one of the first lines of defense against hackers.

Trustwave MailMarshal, Formerly Trustwave Secure Email Gateway – Receives Recognition for Industry-Leading Email Security Capabilities

Most of you that are familiar with Secure Email Gateway products know the MailMarshal name and know that its name was changed to Trustwave Secure Email Gateway almost ten years ago when Trustwave acquired M86 Security.  Over the years, MailMarshal, known for its email threat protection and detection accuracy, continues to be recognized by many across the industry and has retained a decades-long and loyal client base.

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