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How to Build the Ideal SOC

Not every organization needs an in-house security operations center. But if yours is prepared to build one out, here are some thoughts and considerations to keep top of mind before you get started.

The Benefits of Upskilling in Cybersecurity

Conventional problem-solving has no place in information security, especially when it comes to tackling issues tied to the talent gap. In this featured interview, Trustwave's SVP of Managed Security Services, Chris Schueler, discusses how focusing on training your current team can help overcome the talent gap obstacles nearly every enterprise faces.

Experts Q&A: Revisiting 2019 Cybersecurity Predictions

Time flies, especially in the world of cybersecurity. In the blink of an eye, we're midway through the year, so we've decided to connect with our SpiderLabs experts on the 2019 predictions they provided us back in December. Let's see if those have transpired and what they believe is in store for the remainder of the year.

7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Security Partner

With the challenges security leaders face growing, it's getting more and more difficult to reduce cyber risk without help. As you look to partner with a trust security advisor that can provide supplemental assistance, here are seven important questions to ask before you begin the relationship.

Protecting the Multi-Cloud Business of Tomorrow

The modern-day business moves at the speed of light to cater to the digital customer of today. The innovation tied to this evolution can present some serious challenges for security professionals from a technical standpoint, but none that can't be overcome by the insight shared in this video interview.

How to Bake Anticipation into Enterprise Cybersecurity

The term "reactive" no longer has a place in cybersecurity strategy. For security leaders determined to protect their organization's critical assets, the only way to do so is to build anticipation into their mindset and overall approach to reducing cyber risk.

5 Perfect Occasions to Carry Out a Proactive Threat Hunt

The longer that adversaries stay inside corporate networks, the more damage they can cause. One way to significantly reduce this “dwell time” is by enlisting a practice known as proactive threat hunting, and there are plenty of times to justify getting started.

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