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Retail consistently ranks as the industry facing the largest share of data security incidents due to its heavy handing of credit and debit card information.

Ring up Protection

Merchants process and hold vast amounts of financial information about customers, making them among the most obvious targets for cybercriminals. The good news is, no matter your size, you can do more to eliminate your blind spots and overcome your challenges to outsmart your adversaries.

What the Retail Industry Needs to Do

Assess risk (including at third parties), and determine and inventory what needs to be protected.
Test and patch your vulnerabilities, especially in remote access software, point-of-sale systems and e-commerce applications.
Defend in real time against advanced threats, from targeted phishing to ransomware to point-of-sale malware
Monitor, uncover and respond to malicious activity and indicators of compromise, particularly around your endpoints.
Case Study

Fueling a Healthy Security Diet

Food is a necessity—and because grocers of all sizes have digitized their business practices—a compromised grocery store can create not just inconvenience and lost sales, but also real public health threats and food shortages.

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    Gain access to an easy-to-use, cloud-based portal that gives you on-demand access to all your security and compliance services.

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    Start with a solid base for PCI compliance, then add on security technologies and services that take you beyond regulations and requirements to become even more resilient.

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    Control your budget and spending with convenient packages and flexible options delivered at a fixed monthly rate, requiring no hardware purchases or maintenance.


Through packaged bundles designed specifically for the demands of the retail industry, we do the heavy lifting on your behalf to address security and PCI compliance without disrupting your focus. From basic validation services to full-on network security management with connectivity services, we deliver security the way you want and need it.

Security Plus Package

Go beyond the basics of PCI DSS compliance to strengthen your overall defense against threats. With comprehensive network security, combined with benefits of complete managed services and support, our Security Plus Package helps you maximize the impact of your security and compliance programs.

Compliance Essentials Package

Simplify compliance with PCI DSS and acquire the tools you need to assess, track and document your compliance status. In short, we take the hassle out of meeting your management and validation requirements so you can focus on what you do best: your business.

Connectivity Tools

Enhance your daily business operations with our integrated connectivity solutions, including managed cellular broadband, wired broadband, backup cellular broadband and analog backup dial. A quality solution can increase employee effectiveness and customer satisfaction, as well as generate more revenue.