Penetration Testing

End-to-end testing allowing you to proactively identify known and unknown threats, vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks to your people, process and technology.

Proactive security testing better prepares you for attacks, reduces your risk and strengthens your security posture.


The Front Door of Your Organization

Applications represent an easily accessible target that may be open to attackers located around the globe or even within your own organization. From handling critical business processes to brochure-ware, these applications can be the first choice for an attacker looking to deface sites, steal your data, or gain a persistent foothold in your environment.

Developing an application is hard work. Automating a business process that reflects the nuances of your organization’s varying workflows can be a daunting challenge even to the most experienced developers who are focused on ensuring that the application not only functions correctly but also performs efficiently. Software testing is often performed to positively verify functionality before the application is deployed to its larger audience. However, software testing rarely looks for the potential abuses of business logic, authentication/authorization implementations, or the risks associated with the application’s underlying environment.

What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test, also referred to as a pentest or ethical hacking, is a simulated attack executed on your computer systems or on-premise security posture to hunt for and uncover vulnerabilities. These simulated attack methods can help to identify weak spots in your security posture before your adversaries do.

Insight of the Threat Landscape

Global Threat Landscape Expertise​

Our expertise and involvement in the global threat landscape reduces your enterprise risk


Hours of tests delivered globally per year​


Vulnerabilities discovered​​


High/Critical​ vulnerabilities​

Global SpiderLabs Operations Team​

Dedicated SpiderLabs Team for Pen-testing and MST​

Threats are growing more hostile, the number of endpoints needing to be controlled is rising, budgets are tight and in-house resources devoted to security are at a premium.

Our experience and approach delivers unique insights into your organization, quickly allowing us to identify key areas and vulnerabilities of weakness and to work with you to develop the best plan forward improving your enterprise security.

Trustwave SpiderLabs

Vulnerability Management

  • No license cost for industry leading scanning technology​​

  • Fixed price model, based on weekly, monthly, and quarterly scanning.

  • Flexible scheduling options to meet your organizations needs​​

  • Remotely delivered saving you time and money

Vulnerability Management Services​

Identify the Gaps

Examine your environment to identify gaps within your security program and technology​.

New tools and technology in the business introduce new vulnerabilities which expand your attack surface. The Knowledge is power applications featured on enterprise networks are susceptible to in Cybersecurity. Inventory and software flaws and configuration issues that threat actors love to take advantage of. This automated security test exposes the system weaknesses that attackers exploit, ranking their severity and allowing you to address missed patches.

Penetration Testing

Test Global Environments

Ability to scale to test global environments with precise results for remediation to reduce risk​.

Human-led penetration testing employs techniques that a threat actor may use to exploit an insecure process, weak password, misconfiguration or other lax security setting. Narrower in focus and highly customizable, these Specialty Tests engagements offer insights to help organizations prioritize what weaknesses to address first.

Penetration Testing

  • Optimized for large programs of work / multiple tests requiring scalability​

  • "Continuous" vulnerability identification throughout the subscription period​

  • Remotely delivered saving you time and money​


  • Non-traditional devices
    Medical devices, kiosks, card dispensers, smart home devices, ATM machines​

  • Unique digitally connected assets​
    Firetrucks; Self-driving vehicles

  • Complex devices
    Mainframes ; 5G backbone devices


The SpiderLabs Approach to Speciality Testing

Your organization requires a tailored approach to the most used or unique technology​

Environments are as unique as the organizations themselves. Frequent specialty penetration tests can help you discover flaws in web and mobile apps, servers and associated APIs that interact with IoT products, as well as cloud clusters that store and process vulnerabilities detected IoT data. Sealing the security gaps tied to new threat vectors can reduce your attack surface and thwart major disruptions.

  • IoT

  • Cloud

  • Servers/Desktops​

  • OT

  • Network Devices

  • Automotive

  • Middleware


Red Team Exercise-based Testing​​

A Red Team engagement is a laser-focused cybersecurity engagement designed to make an organization's nightmare come to life in a simulated attack. Rather than focusing solely on the technical controls, Red Teams aim to find flaws in people, processes and technology. The business will provide a set of goals to the Red Team and the entire operation is built around accomplishing those goals without being detected.

Red Team

  • Adaptable based on specific regulations

  • "Continuous" and "Point in Time" options​

  • Uses advanced Tactic, Techniques, and Procedures

  • Remote or onsite delivery​

Purple Team

  • Adaptable optimized based on specific Scenarios or Problem set mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

  • Point in time exercise based on immediate concerns about risk​

  • Engagements starting at as little as two weeks with a list price of 22,000 USD​

  • "Remediation" advice we collaborate with you throughout and after the engagement​

Advanced Testing

Purple Team Advanced Exercise-based Testing

Specific testing exercise to address your organization risk and capabilities​

While the Red Team aims at completing its nefarious goals, your Blue Team is charged with stopping attacks. Put those two together and the result is a Purple Team engagement, which pits the Red Team (attackers) against the Blue Team (defenders) to sharpen the skills of your defenders in a sustained timeframe.

  • Focus on advanced TTPs

  • Customer selected scenario to execute between Red and Blue team​

  • TTPs executed in the customer’s environment. ​

  • Tactical and strategic debrief

CREST certified

A CREST Certified Organization

Trustwave SpiderLabs is proud to be a global CREST certified organization for both Penetration Testing and Simulated Target Attack & Response (STAR) Penetration Testing.

Being a global organization with global reach we’re able to constantly give our global customers the very best service to ensure that their demands are met and that they are able to increase their cyber maturity through cutting edge Penetration Testing and modern attack based simulations. Our global CREST membership proves to clients that we are invested in training and ensuring that our staff are keeping up-to-date with the very latest tools, tactics and procedures.

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Take Control of Your Testing Program​

Our industry-leading Trustwave Fusion platform accelerates your results and is a "single source of truth"​

The Security Testing Suite within Trustwave Fusion provides access to more than 200 global testers and allows you to view all the findings, vulnerabilities, and reports in a single place. Trustwave Fusion is scalable and can grow with your organization.


Quick Reference Guide: Penetration Testing

This guide will arm you with a down-to-earth explanation of the key strategies, from infrastructure testing to bug bounties, across vulnerability scanning through to red teaming. It will also help you plan for effective security testing so that you can gain the most from your testing investments.

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