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Trustwave MDR

Managed Detection and Response

Defend with confidence. ​Respond with precision.

Stay Ahead of Today's Security Challenges

We track, hunt, and eradicate threats. Our mission is to keep you steps ahead in a dynamic and complex cyber environment.​

Learn How

Improve your Threat Visibility

Connect your hybrid cloud operations and extract more value from your existing on-premise and cloud security infrastructure.

Detect and Respond Fast

Leverage our leading SecOps platform and work seamlessly with our cyber experts to detect​ and respond to threats with precision.

Boost your Security Posture

Don’t wait for alerts. Leverage our sophisticated threat hunters to eliminate persistent and embedded threats in your environment.

Why Organizations Choose Trustwave MDR

Technology Partners

Best of Breed ​Solution Partnerships

We’re committed to connect your hybrid multi-cloud operations to help you realize greater value from your existing security investments, together with our partners.

2021 "Top Managed SOC" – Trustwave Recognized as a Microsoft Security 20/20 Partner Award Winner.

People & Intelligence

Cyber Security Experts

Future proof your security. Stay ahead of the most sophisticated attackers with a more sophisticated team of cyber experts on your side.

  • Global ​Threat Monitoring

    24x7x365 eyes on glass from eight global security operations centers monitoring your environment.

  • Incident Triage​ & Containment

    Security analysts monitor detections, contain immediate threats, and eliminate false-positives.

  • Investigation​ & Response

    Investigators analyze complex threats and intrusions to coordinate swift response actions.

  • Tuning ​& Optimization

    Security engineers sharpen the analytics, rules, and policies for optimal performance and detection.

  • Advanced Continual Threat Hunting

    Discover how threat hunters find and eliminate active threats and vulnerabilities using hypothesis-based hunts.

  • SpiderLabs ​Security Research

    Researchers track threat groups and dissect the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real-world attacks.

  • Digital Forensics​ Incident Response

    Forensic investigators respond to a breach to identify the source, its impact, and to secure evidence.

  • Vulnerability and ​Penetration Testing

    Skilled cyber experts dig deep into your IT infrastructure to manage your risk and exposure.

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The Cyber Success Team

Your Success is Our Mission

Set it and forget it is for the other guys.​ Trustwave has a dedicated team of security professionals focused on improving your security posture. All day. Every day.

SpiderLabs Threat Hunters​

  • Decades of experience
  • Intimate knowledge of your environment​
  • Performs hypothesis-driven, human-led proactive threat hunting

Information Security Advisors​

  • Tenured security expert
  • Conducts architecture reviews and helps to guide your security policy
  • Tailors threat intelligence to your environment and monitors dark-web activity

Global Threat Operators​

  • Monitors your environment for threats and anomalous behavior around the clock
  • Acts immediately to triage and contain​
  • Stops threats from impacting your business

Client Success Manager​

  • Your service advocate and facilitator​
  • Leads managed security services productivity reviews​
  • Provides monthly performance reporting

Trustwave Cyber Success Team

It takes a squad to improve your security posture.

Trustwave can help

Discover how the Trustwave Fusion Platform enables Managed Detection and Response

Our Approach

Trustwave Managed Detection and Response

Trustwave Managed Detection and Response is an enterprise-proven solution that combines a cloud-native security operations platform, integrated threat hunting, elite cyber experts, and SpiderLabs global threat intelligence. We integrate into your environment from multiple clouds, endpoints, and on-premise devices for unparalleled visibility and protection.

mdr fusion mobile This image is a diagram of Trustwave’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Fusion platform. Which includes dashboard and reporting, 24/7 global threat operations, SpiderLabs cybersecurity experts, cross-system correlation, SpiderLabs cyber-intelligence, machine learning security analytics, asset enumeration & enrichment, data lake, Automation & response. Our security operations platform includes hybrid, cloud & on-prem security operations, email security, identity access management, endpoint edr, network security, application security, data protection, operational technology
Our Technology

The Trustwave Fusion Platform

At the core of Trustwave’s Managed Detection and Response services are our cloud-native security operations platform. The Trustwave Fusion platform is purpose built for rapid threat detection and response with seamless integration to your security tools, your team, and our cyber experts.

  • The Right Telemetry​ at the Right Time

    Out of the box capabilities. Collecting what matters, when it matters most.

  • Rapid Response, Powered by Automation

    Executed by our experts or directly by you – for trusted and timely response.

  • Detection in Depth

    Advanced threat detection with proprietary threat intel and hunting.

  • Client-Informed Decisions

    Client defined "rules of the road" ​guide responses and interaction.

  • World-Class ​People and Process

    Where thousands of training hours meet millions of incidents handled.

  • Continuous Improvement ​and Transparency

    Empowering you with mobile access, reporting, and customization.

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Additional Benefits

Security Colony Included in Trustwave MDR​

Now you have instant access to the tools you need to be proactive and improve your security maturity. Get the insights, implement the recommended action, and track your progress.

  • Daily Breach Monitoring ​

  • Ransomware Readiness ​

  • Vendor Risk Insights

  • Track your Security Maturity

  • Ask an Expert Security Forum

  • Resource and Educational Video Library

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Trustwave Introduces Elevated Crowdsourcing to the Mix by Adding Security Colony into their New MDR Offerings

With 12 million events per day, the fear of being compromised is real. Trustwave helps us funnel those into 12 priority incidents, making our security response stronger and less overwhelming for our team.

Cybersecurity Lead

We weren’t expecting the Trustwave SpiderLabs proactive threat hunters to discover that a member of our own team was spreading malware.

US-based organization

Trustwave is helping us shift to a proactive security stance against threats, giving us greater confidence in our ability to respond ​to cybersecurity threats faster and more effectively.

Senior Cybersecurity Manager
Metal Distribution

Frequently Asked Questions

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a threat detection and response service delivered by a managed security service provider. MDR augments an organization’s security team with the technology, threat intelligence, and cybersecurity expertise to stop and eradicate cyber threats.

The Trustwave Fusion platform is a cloud-native open-XDR threat detection and response platform, augmented by security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR). Its primary mission is to ingest high-value telemetry and enrich it with context and threat intelligence to detect threats in near real-time. Additionally, the Trustwave Fusion platform serves as a security operations workflow engine for security operations teams during threat investigations and response activities. The platform can be accessed via the web portal or mobile app. From there, users can see what’s happening in real-time, participate in incident investigations, chat with experts, create a ticket, and view custom reports.

XDR (or eXtended Detection and Response) is a security platform that stiches together security telemetry from a variety of security tools to provide contextual security threat activity and automated response actions. XDR evolved from EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) which is a main component. Open-XDR refers to a platform that is vendor agnostic and not locked-in to a particular security vendor’s ecosystem.

The Trustwave Fusion platform is included in all Trustwave Managed Detection and Response services. No additional purchase required.

Trustwave SpiderLabs is an elite, industry-recognized team of security researchers, ethical hackers, threat hunters, forensics investigators, pen testers, malware reversers, and incident responders with extensive security expertise and pedigree. The output from this team is the core of our organic, curated threat intelligence. Over a billion records of threat intelligence are integrated to protect our MDR clients. Trustwave operates six SpiderLabs research centers, globally.

Threat hunters are an essential element for any organization to protect against sophisticated attackers. Trustwave threat hunters perform hypothesis-driven, human-led proactive threat hunting. Their hypotheses are based on experience, intuition, threat intelligence, and observations from thousands of environments globally. Threat hunters investigate suspicious behaviors in your environment which often lead to the discovery of zero-day threats or other embedded malware that have evaded detection tools. In addition, Trustwave threat hunters conduct historical breach analysis, monitor for corporate data leaks, and credential compromise. They track nation state or sponsored threat groups, global hacktivists, and cybercrime syndicates relevant to your business and industry.