About Us


Management Team

Eric Harmon

Chief Executive Officer

Howard Hughes

General Manager, Americas

Spencer Ingram

Senior Vice President of Operations

Edwin Lim

General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan

Neil Manna

Chief Financial Officer

Mike Nawrocki

Chief Revenue Officer

Barry O'Connell

General Manager, EMEA

Marco Pereira

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Transformation

Tom Powledge

Chief Products Officer & Managed Security Services

Craig Rones

Chief Marketing Officer

Joel Smith

General Counsel

Rob Stitch

Consulting & Professional Services

George Tomic

Chief Technology Officer & Engineering

Oriana Vogel

Chief Human Resources Officer

Jason Whyte

General Manager, Pacific

Board of Directors

Stuart C. Harvey, Jr.

Chairman of the Board & Independent Director

Sachin Gupta

Non-Independent Director

Eric Harmon

Non-Independent Director

Jeann Low

Non-Independent Director

William Woo

Non-Independent Director