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Intelligence, defense and civilian agencies, as well as state governments, are one of the most common targets for attacks because they hold vast amounts of personal information and intellectual property.

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Protecting the People

With state-sponsored attacks on the rise and competition with the private sector for skilled security positions intensifying, tensions are running high at government organizations. The good news is that help is available to enable you to fill any gaps so you can function securely.

What the Government Industry Needs to Do

Protect against advanced malware distributed by organized cybercriminal and state-sponsored groups.
Identify vulnerabilities across databases, networks and applications (including mobile).
Grow visibility and detection capabilities to discover malicious activity on endpoints and across networks.
Rapidly mitigate the impact of a security incident with a comprehensive incident response plan.
White Paper

Cybersecurity in Government

Government sectors are constantly under attack from cybercriminals. The attacks are varied, growing and successful. A coordinated set of security defenses and technology solutions are essential to thwart security threats. This whitepaper reviews the state of security threats, but more importantly, offers up insightful solutions to bolster your security posture.

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Reclaim Surrendered Ground.

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    Strengthen Your Defenses

    Protect sensitive information through risk assessments (including of third parties), prevention technologies and penetration testing.

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    Expand Visibility

    Continuously monitor systems and networks for signs of anomalies – both from insider and external threats – and ensure that confidential data stays put.

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    Boost Security Maturity

    Detect and investigate suspicious activities on endpoints, and elevate your incident readiness and response (including with red-team exercises) so that you are prepared to respond if a crisis unfolds.

  • Compliance Management

    Take a Security-First Approach to Compliance

    Get ahead of evolving risks and standards to adopt a streamlined and strategic approach to compliance management.

Research Report

2020 Trustwave Data Security Index

The 2020 Trustwave Data Security Index report depicts how technology trends, compromise risks and regulations are shaping how organizations’ data is stored and protected.

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Trustwave enables customers to take a holistic approach to security risk management and overcome any resource shortages with our long history of supporting the government. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Managed Security Testing

Conduct vulnerability scanning and penetration testing across your databases, networks and applications to reveal vulnerabilities.

Database Security

Discover, assess and report on misconfigurations, improper access controls and other weaknesses within databases.

Threat Detection and Response

Leverage our SOC experts to detect threats with log collection and SIEM services, and monitor your endpoints to identify advanced threats.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Probe deep into your network using cyberthreat intel, behavioral analytics, anomaly detection and deep-dive forensic analysis to identify ongoing attacks.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Quickly determine the source, cause and extent of a breach – and then contain, eradicate and investigate the incident, or get proactive by solidifying your response before a security event occurs.

Custom Engagements

Augment your capabilities with more specialized and actionable counseling, including our Detection, Analytics and Response Consulting (DARC) practice and SpiderLabs Red Teaming.