A full range of service offerings, including flexible managed security, industry-leading technologies and tailored consulting engagements, to help you solve threat challenges and close data protection gaps.

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Organizations all have different demands when it comes to securing their systems and data, from requiring end-to-end coverage to needing to fill certain gaps. Trustwave Services are designed to resolve limitations around threat prevention, detection and response for everyone through world-class managed security, security testing, technologies, consulting and education. 

Managed Security

Managed Application Control

Our Managed Application Control (MAC) solution delivers comprehensive endpoint whitelisting, combining a trust-based and policy-driven approach to application control with real-time threat intelligence.

Managed Detection & Response

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines people, process and technology to identify and respond to advanced threats targeting endpoints. It’s a comprehensive managed service that delivers 24x7 monitoring and notification, incident response and remediation, as well as proactive threat hunting when needed.

Managed Detection

Successful network device and application analysis takes time and expertise, and advanced threats and attackers don't wait for anyone. Trustwave Managed Detection services help to quickly and effectively make sense of this data by providing the platform, processes and people to monitor, detect and alert on threats.

Managed Web Application Firewall

Trustwave’s Managed Web Application Firewall (WAF) service expands your team through the help of expertly-trained security specialists in our worldwide Security Operation Centers (SOCs) that provide local coverage across various security disciplines.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Trustwave SpiderLabs Proactive Threat Hunting finds and kills threats already on your network while providing visibility into previously unknown weaknesses in your environment.

Security & Compliance Bundles

Our Security and Compliance Bundles address common business needs, from basic validation services to full network security management with connectivity services, without disrupting an organization's focus.

Security Technology Management

Our Security Technology Management service allows organizations to offload the daily management and monitoring of security technology to us so their IT team can focus on supporting the business.

Telco Security

Our Telco Security Services, delivered by Singtel, help defend Asia-Pacific organizations with best-in-class security services, including DDoS attack mitigation, intrusion prevention and anti-virus.

Trustwave Fusion Platform

Our unified cybersecurity platform that gives enterprises unprecedented visibility and control over how security resources and managed security services are acquired, applied and scaled across any environment.

Security Testing

Security Testing Services

Conduct network, application and penetration tests with a single solution.


Database vulnerability assessment software to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, configuration errors, rogue installations and access issues in deployments.


Enterprise-grade database security software that helps businesses prevent database breaches through activity monitoring and vulnerability assessment.

SpiderLabs Testing

Trustwave SpiderLabs Testing Services helps test your business resilience to cyber attacks.


Secure Web Gateway

Our SWG delivers the most accurate protection from next-generation threats through our patented malware entrapment engine, while ensuring compliance, minimizing data loss and reducing malware risks.

Secure Email Gateway

A secure messaging solution that protects businesses and users from email-borne threats, including phishing, blended threats and spam, our SEG also delivers improved policy enforcement and data leakage prevention.

Intrusion Prevention/Detection System

Backed by SpiderLabs threat intelligence for the latest attack signature support, our IPS/IDS offers the most advanced technology at network choke points, examining traffic and blocking any flows with malicious intent.

Next Generation Firewall

Our Next Generation Firewall delivers a comprehensive set of integrated network security technologies designed to defend against external threats, while also offering protective measures for your network – from the inside and out.


Part of our Managed Threat Detection service, our SIEM enables companies to take a proactive approach to security risk management strategy and address compliance requirements.


Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Our Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services can provide immediate response to a breach or work with organizations to proactively improve their incident readiness.

Intelligent Security Operations

Our Intelligent Security Operations (iSecOps) consulting team partners with you to create an agile, go-forward plan to improve security maturity.

Data Protection Consulting

Our Data Protection Consulting empowers organizations to better track and safeguard vital data, wherever it’s created, stored and used, through a tailored program.

SpiderLabs Consulting

Trustwave SpiderLabs Consulting Services helps fortify companies against security incidents by replicating advanced attacks.

Technology and Implementation Services

Our Technology and Implementation Services helps businesses plan, design and deploy security technology.

Cybersecurity & Risk

Our Cybersecurity and Risk services map out organizations' security gaps and establish tactical and strategic plans to execute security transformation.


Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training service helps organizations effectively engage their employees and developers to learn and apply security best practices on the job.

Tactical Training Programs and Services

Trustwave Tactical Training teaches IT and security pros cyberattack defense and response capabilities through hands-on drills.

Executive Training Programs and Services

Trustwave Executive Training uses simulations and exercises to help business leaders view cyber issues through the prism of day-to-day operations.

Analyst Report

2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide

For the second year in a row, Trustwave was named to Gartner’s "Leaders" quadrant. In the 2019 report, Trustwave moved higher in ability to execute and further in completeness of vision within Gartner's graphical representation of vendor performance. This report is required reading for security professionals evaluating managed security services providers.

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