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  • A web application firewall (WAF) is an important security control for protecting important web applications and data. Being a WAF expert requires an understanding of web applications, security and the WAF itself. WAFs also need tuning to remain effective as applications change and new vulnerabilities emerge.

    With the Trustwave Managed WAF service, security experts on the Trustwave SpiderLabs research team will help your organization effectively manage your WAF and protect your valuable web applications. We will set and update protective WAF policy for you, block attacks, continuously monitor your web applications for attacks and performance, and help achieve compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS.

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  • The Trustwave Managed WAF service is built on the intelligence of our elite SpiderLabs team, delivering the industry’s strongest protection against application vulnerabilities and emerging threats including the OWASP Top 10.

    With Trustwave Managed WAF services, you can expect:

    Management of your Trustwave WAF product.

    Around-the-clock support from our SOC 2 certified Advanced Security Operations Centers, staffed with experts with in-depth knowledge and experience working with complex web applications and networks.

    Integrated threat intelligence from SpiderLabs, the Trustwave advanced threat research team. Let this highly skilled group worry about your security for you.

    Compliance support for multiple regulations and industry standards, including PCI, FFIEC/GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA and more. Our deep expertise in compliance will help you navigate the complexity of these mandates.

    Zero capital investment with long-term reduced, predictable costs.

    Flexibility to address any deployment environment, whether you operate out of your datacenter or use hosted or cloud services.

    Managed WAF is one of many Managed Security Services available from Trustwave. Organizations leveraging multiple managed services will have the additional benefit of the SpiderLabs team correlating data from multiple managed systems to gain greater insight into security events and status.


  • The Trustwave Managed WAF service features:

    • Deployment and tuning of the WAF appliance
    • Continuous systems health monitoring
    • 24x7x365 event monitoring and alerting, and periodic log review options
    • Tuning support for scheduled changes to protected applications
    • Access to events and reports through the MSS Portal
    • Advanced Web application security detection and protection

    The Managed WAF service is delivered from Trustwave’s worldwide SOC 2 certified Security Operations Center (SOCs). Skilled professionals in the SOCs augment you and your team by providing local coverage across various security disciplines and can assist other regions (or be assisted) as necessary so you get round the clock application security coverage.

    To learn more about features of the Trustwave WAF product, visit the WAF product page.

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How It Works

    1. A strong start. Your Managed WAF service starts with Trustwave security experts deploying the Trustwave Managed WAF in your environment. They'll work with you to determine if a cloud service or physical/virtual appliance works best for your organization.
    2. Ongoing monitoring. Events from Trustwave Managed WAF are then delivered to the Trustwave SOC 2 certified Security Operations Center (SOC), where our security experts use our SIEM technology to analyze protected Web application traffic in its organizational and Internet wide context. This analysis is used to spot attacks and quickly understand and adapt to changes. With SOCs around the globe, you'll benefit from both local support and 24x7 coverage, regardless of where you in the world.
    3. Tuning. As you make regular changes to your applications, our experts will help you tune the Trustwave WAF to provide continued protection.
    4. Ongoing communication. Through the Trustwave TrustKeeper portal, you’ll have an easy way to interact with and track the status of your WAF web applications.


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