• Perpetrators and Bad Actors are Targeting Databases, Networks & Applications

    Extend security beyond the perimeter with visibility and protection across critical assets to mitigate risk and better secure your IT environment.


  • Holistic Visibility & Protection 

    Security leaders need confidence that their databases, networks and applications are secure in today’s formidable threat environment and in the face of increasing complexity:

    • Cyber-attacks are increasing, getting more sophisticated and stealthy
    • Rapidly growing infrastructure equates to a larger attack surface for cyber criminals
    • Data explosion creates more security challenges
    • Maintaining effective security controls is a challenge with limited staff and expertise
    • Lack of centralized, integrated security management across networks, databases and applications


    • Effective risk management approach to security

      Gain insight into vulnerabilities and assess risk levels across critical assets with a holistic approach to support effective resource allocation decisions to make the most impact.

    • Complete visibility of your technology environment

      Identify network-connected assets across your entire infrastructure, learn how those assets are vulnerable to attack and understand the steps to remediation.

    • Defend against advanced threats

      Stay ahead of sophisticated threats and seal your network to assist in protecting your sensitive information and technology assets.

    • Secure applications through the entire lifecycle

      Build security into the entire application lifespan to assist in reducing vulnerabilities and improve the performance of critical applications.

    • Deter database attacks

      With digital information growing exponentially, it’s more important than ever to ensure your big data stores and relational databases are secure to prevent inappropriate access or disclosure of sensitive data.

    • Meet regulatory, audit and reporting requirements

      Efficiently meet and maintain audit and compliance requirements while gaining the ability to deliver comprehensive, accurate and timely reports to stakeholders.


  • Video Trustwave Managed Security Testing

    Cybercrime is on the rise due to the growing value of information handled by applications and databases. Customer information and card holder data are enticing targets, and with 98% of web applications potentially vulnerable, you may be wondering if your databases, networks and applications are safe. With Trustwave Managed Security Testing you can reveal security vulnerabilities and fix them. Don't guess. Test

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      February 24, 2016

    • Duration:

      2 mins 2 secs

  • Overview: Trustwave Managed Security Testing


  • The Trustwave Security DNA portfolio gives you visibility across your databases, networks and applications, enabling you to identify and prioritize risk levels, while delivering comprehensive and relevant reporting.

  • Database Security

    Trustwave database security solutions help organizations gain visibility and protection of the lifeblood of your business – your data.

    Network Security

    The Trustwave portfolio of network security solutions and flexible managed security services helps you protect your business from advanced threats while optimizing network performance and increasing operational efficiencies.

    Application Security

    The Trustwave application security portfolio helps you improve security, reduce vulnerabilities and ensure ongoing performance of your critical business applications to keep your apps—and your business—running in the face of persistent attacks.