• Security threats are increasing at an unprecedented rate. In response, there is a greater emphasis on threat detection and response to protect against malicious activity. To combat this new reality, Trustwave offers a range of managed security services to help keep you ahead of modern cyber-threats.


  • Threat Detection and Response is driven by three dynamics:

    1. The level of data which can be captured or seen
    2. The analytics which may be applied to that data
    3. The level of investigation needed to validate the threat

    As the data sources and types are increased, the level of visibility also increases, providing the breadth of data needed for expanded use cases. Trustwave SpiderLabs security researchers use this data, and advanced analytic techniques, to quickly and proactively identify potential attackers in your environment.

    Determining the right level of threat detection and response services is dependent upon an organization’s security goals and risk tolerance. Your company’s view of risk tolerance will determine which levels of risk are acceptable and which are not. The chart maps Trustwave’s threat detection and response services from an initial, more compliance focused approach to a more mature, security focused one.


    For example, compliance-centric customers may only want log monitoring or a managed IDS solution with automated alerting, paying a retainer fee for incident response services as needed. While this mix of services could be characterized as a reactive security stance, it may be fully appropriate for some customers based upon their industry and risk tolerance. However, more targeted industries, like financial services or health care, may want to take a more proactive stance. This might include choosing from our suite of MDR services, like Managed Threat Detection or MDR for Endpoints, which include highly advanced security services like threat hunting. The following solutions section provides more detailed descriptions of a broad range of our threat detection and response services. Please don’t hesitate to contact Trustwave security professional for more information and recommendations about an optimal mix of services that would be right for your business.


  • Trustwave security services offers comprehensive and flexible offerings for both cloud or hybrid environments:

    • Continuous Threat Detection and Response

      Experienced Trustwave security professionals provide advanced threat detection with 24/7 monitoring and alerting, remote incident investigation and response, and proactive threat hunting from a global network of federated advanced security operations centers.

    • Proven Security Experts

      Trustwave is the home of SpiderLabs®, an elite team of 150+ ethical hackers, forensic investigators and researchers helping organizations fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce risk.

    • Advanced Security Solutions and Industry Best Practices

      Trustwave works closely with select, industry-leading security partners to provide advanced technologies and collective expertise to effectively protect your environment.

    • Service Delivery Flexibility

      Fully leverage Trustwave for holistic protection of your environment or to augment and extend your existing security resources.


  • Threat Monitoring & Detection Services

    Managed IDS/IPS

    Deploy a managed IDS appliance to monitor perimeter security and detect the latest known bad threat actors with automated escalation and notification from the Trustwave ASOC.

    Log Monitoring

    Centrally collect logs and utilize automated filtering and review for compliance purposes and reporting or as a baseline for enhanced SIEM services.

    SIEM Services

    Flexible deployment of SIEM services in the cloud or hybrid configurations on premise to correlate device logs and feeds for enhanced detection and expanded use cases – your SIEM, our SIEM or both.

    Managed Application Control

    Advanced endpoint whitelisting service that applies a trust-based and policy-driven approach to application control with real-time threat intelligence.

    Managed Detection & Response Services

    Managed Threat Detection

    Leverage Trustwave’s ASOC security analysts in conjunction with Trustwave log collection services, or your SIEM, for around-the-clock threat monitoring with advanced threat detection and response support.

    MDR for Endpoints

    Advanced monitoring and detection on your endpoints, with immediate response operations and targeted threat hunting to help identify advanced threats and keep them from spreading.

    Proactive Threat Hunting

    A customized, professional services engagement designed to uncover advanced threats hiding within your operations delivered by SpiderLabs utilizing state-of-the-art threat hunting tools.

    Incident Response Operations & Forensics

    Remote and on site professional services designed to support comprehensive IR operations, forensics, reverse malware engineering and more.


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