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Detecting & Responding to Threats

Monitor, proactively hunt for, investigate and remediate cyberthreats, 24x7.


A More Advanced Class of Security Services

Cyber threats are constantly advancing, thus waiting for an attack is not a recipe for success. But not every organization has the adequate resources to be proactive. Trustwave Threat Detection and Response (TDR) services help you respond to threats faster so you can minimize – or even eliminate – potential damages.

What Threat Detection and Response Brings to You

Reducing the amount of time between a breach and the moment it is discovered.
Going on the counterattack as early as possible.
Minimizing the extent of any damages.
Eliminating the future potential of a compromise affecting your organization.

Turn to the TDR Experts.

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    Continuous Threat Detection and Response

    Track threats across a global network of security operations centers. When issues arise, our security specialists quickly investigate and mitigate them.

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    Proven Security Experts

    Access an elite team of more than 150 ethical hackers, forensic investigators and researchers, all working to protect you.

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    Industry Best Practices

    Leverage the advanced technologies from carefully selected, industry-leading security partners, which translates to more complete protection of your environment.

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    Service Delivery Flexibility

    Choose whether you want us to be the security provider for all your needs, or we can augment the resources you already have. And you choose: on-prem, in the cloud or via a hybrid model.

Trustwave Combines World-Class MSS to Provide Leading MDR

The Trustwave Fusion platform and elite SpiderLabs team provide industry-leading automated threat detection and response capabilities, threat intelligence and powerful analytics for both MSS and MDR

Threat Detection and Response Solutions

Managed Threat Detection & Response Services

Threat actors continue to develop malicious, ingenious tricks and techniques to stay one step ahead of security systems and response specialists. In addition to threat actors, the complexity of the digital landscape is a challenge security teams are facing. Choosing a partner to help you with detecting, investigating, and responding to threats doesn’t have to be complex. We embed our elite expertise and proven threat lifecycle capabilities into your security program and environment to help you identify threats, investigate the depth and scope of those threats, and help you respond by taking containment actions.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

Trustwave DFIR services are performed by our elite Trustwave SpiderLabs team. Members have extensive experience with the tools and techniques used by today's advanced attackers, allowing them to immediately respond to breaches and proactively prepare you for future attacks.

Security Technology Management

Trustwave Security Technology Management service lets you offload day-to-day management of security technologies to our capable hands. Our experts support both Trustwave and leading third-party products, and can manage either an existing environment or new deployments.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting combines human-driven and automated processes with supported technologies existing in your environment and our purpose-built threat hunting capabilities to help you get ahead of adversaries.

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