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Trustwave Extends Leadership in Managed Security Services with New Offerings

New Services Bridge Gap Between Advanced Security Protection and Business Realities

CHICAGO - November 14, 2013 - Trustwave today announced new and enhanced managed security services designed to help businesses address advanced information security threats while alleviating the pressures created by resource constraints, skills shortages, compliance requirements and the rapid adoption of new technologies.

The managed security services, including the new Trustwave Managed Secure Web Gateway, provide the advanced content, network and application security businesses need without requiring them to install and manage technologies themselves, to retain and train staff to run and configure those systems, or to worry about aging levels of protection. By relying on Trustwave as their trusted security partner, businesses can focus more on their priorities and core competencies.

"We continue to deliver high-value managed security services demonstrating our unique ability to help customers solve their most pressing security and compliance concerns, while doing so in the context of the realities of their business priorities, a shifting technology landscape, and resource shortages," said Leo Cole, general manager of Security Solutions at Trustwave. "By delivering new services, augmenting our threat intelligence, expanding our global network of 'follow-the-threat' Security Operations Centers, and strengthening our focus on customer service, we have expanded our leadership in managed security services."

The new and enhanced Trustwave Managed Security Services portfolio helps businesses:

  • Take malware to zero-The new Trustwave Managed Secure Web Gateway gives businesses the ability to address malware, zero-day vulnerabilities, as well as blended and advanced persistent threats, without having to worry about policy adjustments, fine-tuning and device management. This helps free up IT staff to focus on revenue-generating IT projects while protecting businesses' most critical asset-their data.
  • Identify threats faster-Enhancements to Trustwave Managed SIEM improve visibility and control related to threats and compliance risks. The new Trustwave Managed Threat Analysis service, which ties into Trustwave Managed SIEM, enables dedicated security threat analysts within the Trustwave Security Operations Centers to leverage valuable intelligence from multiple data sources to more quickly identify evolving threats and known bad actor activity to help customers take preemptive measures to protect their organizational assets, data and stakeholders.
  • Protect business-critical applications-Enhancements  to Trustwave Managed Web Application Firewall give businesses more application coverage and improved visibility into their application security posture and system performance. This visibility lets IT staff monitor the status of their applications' security through the Trustwave TrustKeeper portal. 
  • Block malicious spam-Enhancements to Trustwave Managed Email Security include stronger protection from blended threats-email messages with links to malware-infested websites-better mitigation of malicious spam and a more intuitive user interface.


All Trustwave Managed Security Services are available through the Trustwave TrustKeeper cloud and managed security services portal. With more than two million businesses enrolled, TrustKeeper is the portal through which businesses access a variety of subscription-based Trustwave offerings ranging from enterprise-grade managed security services to compliance and security automation tools for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Screenshot: Trustwave Managed Web Application Firewall within the Trustwave TrustKeeper portal

Trustwave Managed Web Application Firewall

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Trustwave is a leading provider of compliance, Web, application, network and data security solutions delivered through the cloud, managed security services, software and appliances. For organizations faced with today's challenging data security and compliance environment, Trustwave provides a unique approach with comprehensive solutions that include its TrustKeeper® portal and other proprietary security solutions. With more than two million businesses enrolled in TrustKeeper, Trustwave has helped organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 businesses and large financial institutions to small and medium-sized businesses, manage compliance and secure their network infrastructures, data communications and critical information assets. Trustwave is headquartered in Chicago with offices worldwide. For more information, visit https://www.trustwave.com.