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Trustwave Provides Cybersecurity Guidance, Assistance and Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Threat Detection and Response Capabilities, Complimentary Services, and Flexible Terms Help Organizations Maintain Business Continuity During Uncertain Times         

CHICAGO – April 13, 2020 – In response to unprecedented challenges organizations face maintaining business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic, Trustwave is providing threat detection and response guidance, assistance and support through new flexible-term cybersecurity solutions to organizations worldwide.

“We understand these are trying times for businesses in every industry across the globe. We also understand cybercriminals look to capitalize on human hardship and thrive during times of uncertainty,” said Arthur Wong, chief executive officer at Trustwave. “Our mission to deliver the best protection from cybersecurity threats and keep organizations secure remains unchanged. It is important we do our part as we overcome these challenges together.”

Organizations are under tremendous pressure to maintain operations while shifting workforces, critical applications and core communications from in-office to work-from-home surroundings. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the pandemic by launching COVID-19 themed phishing campaigns, scanning for software misconfigurations and unpatched systems and targeting endpoint devices. Many organizations are struggling to scale mission critical resources including cybersecurity to levels now required to encompass remote workers over a potentially long duration of time.

Trustwave is offering guidance, assistance and support to help organizations:

  • Secure a remote workforce – With more workers remotely accessing networks, applications and data, cybersecurity professionals face new risks. Insecure mobile infrastructures, insufficient VPN capabilities and lack of standardized work-from-home policies, can further weaken defenses. To help support the secure remote workforce, Trustwave is offering complimentary consulting resources, vulnerability scanning, and managed detection and response services.
  • Protect from new, aggressive threats – As in any crisis, the threat landscape intensifies with relentless cybercriminals using old and new tactics to target organizations and their data. Bad actors have spun up COVID-19 themed fake websites and phishing attacks preying on susceptible remote users who may be new to the work-from-home model. To help protect organizations from these aggressive threats, Trustwave is offering complimentary email gateway protection from phishing and blended threats, database vulnerability management software and security awareness education.
  • Continue security operations and programs ​– COVID-19 has forced many organizations to embrace remote work, putting increased pressure on security operations. Highly skilled responders, accustomed to an onsite environment, are now triaging and investigating incidents from home, and adversaries are taking advantage of the crisis to increase attacks. What’s needed is rapid staff augmentation to help monitor, detect and respond 24x7.​ To support continued security operations, Trustwave is offering turnkey, managed detection and response, flexible co-managed SIEM monitoring and management and a short-term virtual CISO service to extend organizations security operations capabilities.

Learn more about how Trustwave is helping organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and access cybersecurity resources, research, and insightful webinars, by visiting: https://www.trustwave.com/en-us/covid-19/.

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