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Abusing SAP Servers

During some recent penetration tests I have noticed thatlarge companies have many similarities in their IT infrastructures. One of the thingsthat caught my attention was that quite a few of these companies have SAPsystems on their networks.

Two years ago at the You Shot the Sheriff (YSTS) securityconference in Brazil, I gave a speech on penetration testing SAP systems. Thisolder research and the recent encounters with these types of systems haveinspired me to do this blog post on the evolution of the techniques on executingpenetration tests in SAP systems.

Many things have changed in regards to the tools used tocompromise SAP systems. Today there are many different tools and frameworksthat facilitate the job of a penetration tester. Exploiting SAP systems we haverestrictions, some tools require use proprietary libraries, such as RFC SDK. TheRFC SDK is available only to SAP customers or partners. These are the systemswe usually find the truly interesting/confidential information of the companies.Although there are newer tools and frameworks available I did not need anytools other than the ones I have been using since my initial research to beable to compromise systems.

Now in regards to the evolution of SAP systems themselves,based on what I have recently seen, nothing has actually changed. Because ofthis, all tools and techniques that worked two years ago are still very usefulin exploiting such systems.

Below you may find some of the videos I have created demonstratingsome of the steps used in exploiting SAP systems using the framework Bizploit(Onapsis)1.

As mentioned above, keep in mind that todaythere are new tools and frameworks available, but the old tools and techniquesstill work flawlessly.

1 - sapinfo

2 - getClients

3 - getApplicationServers

4 - findRegRFCServers

5 - registerExtServer

6 - bruteLogin

7 - Vulnassess

8 - Exploiting