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Announcing the ModSecurity SQL Injection Challenge

The ModSecurity Project Team is happy to announce our first community hacking challenge!

This is a SQL Injection and Filter Evasion Challenge. We have setup ModSecurity to proxy to the following 4 commercial vuln scanner demo sites:

Challenge Details

To successfully complete the challenge, participants must do the following:

  1. Identify a SQL Injection vector within one of the demo websites listed above.
  2. Successfully enumerate the following information about the database:
    • DB User(s) - provide request data.
    • DB Name(s) - provide request data.
    • Table Name(s) - provide request data.
    • Column Name(s) - provide request data.

Challenge Submission

Please send challenge submissions to security@modsecurity.org with the details from above.

Winning Levels

There are two levels to this challenge:

Level 1 - Speed Hacking

Winners of this level will be determined as the first person to identify the enumeration data listed above for each demo app. There will be 4 winners at this level and they will be listed on the challenge page.

Level 2 - Filter Evasion

Winners of this level will be anyone who is able to enumerate the data listed above for each demo app without triggering an Inbound ModSecurity Alert. If ModSecurity sees any inbound attacks or outbound application defects/info leakages, it will prepend a warning banner to the top of the page. Here is an example:

ModSecurity Alert Message:
Inbound Alert: SQL Injection
Outbound Alert: SQL Information Leakage.
Your challenge is to try and evade the ModSecurity inbound filters while still enumerating the same data from above. There is no limit to the number of winners of this level. All winners will be listed in the challenge page.


All Level 2 winners will receive an official ModSecurity t-shirt from Trustwave's Spiderlabs.