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CVE-2014-6284 - 'Probe' login access vulnerability in SAP ASE

The SpiderLabs team at Trustwave published a new advisory today which details issues discovered in the SAP ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) by Martin Rakhmanov, a SpiderLabs Senior Researcher. SAP ASE is a relational database management system for UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

SAP ASE ships with a login named "probe" used for the two-phase commit probe process, which uses a challenge and response mechanism to access Adaptive Server. There is a flaw in implementation of the challenge and response mechanism that allows anyone to access the server as "probe" login. While the "probe" is not a privileged account, other flaws exist that allow privilege elevation from regular database user to database administrator. Combined with such privilege elevation vulnerabilities this one allows complete takeover of the database server. Depending on the version of SAP ASE administrators will want to apply one of these following vendor supplied patches:

ASE 15.7 SP132
ASE 16.0 SP01

For more information on this advisory please follow the link below.

"Probe" login access vulnerability in SAP ASE