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Microsoft Advance Notification for June 2013

So far this year we has had two Patch Tuesday months withseven bulletins (January and March) and two with ten bulletins (April and May)and one with twelve (February) so I am very glad that we only have five bulletinsthis month. That gives us all more time to go out and enjoy the summer weather.Although just because there is only five bulletins this month doesn't mean weshouldn't pay attention to them. First if you are planning ahead note that fourof these bulletins will require a restart after installing and the fifth onemight, probably depending on what else you have installed. Definitely pay attention to bulletin number one,which is a critical remote execution flaw in Internet Explorer, which lookslike it impacts versions 6 thru 10. The rest are all rated Important, with anElevation of Privilege, a Denial of Service and an Information Disclosure issuein Windows and a remote code execution issue in Microsoft Office. Theinteresting part about the Office Patch is that it impacts Office 2003 SP3 andMac Office 2011

See you next Tuesday with all the gory details!

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