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Microsoft Advance Notification for March 2013

First the raw numbers; we have seven bulletins this month,four critical, and three important. There are three Remote Code Executions, twoElevation of Privilege and two Information Disclosures. Two of the patches definitely require a rebootof your machine, three of them might and two you can get away withoutrestarting after installation.

All right that's the numbers, lets look at what we aredealing with here. Bulletin One is RCE, is rated as critical and impacts justabout every version of Windows from XP SP3 on up and Internet Explorer 6 thru10. My guess is this will probably be ause after free vulnerability, we've seen a lot of those lately, they impact alot of stuff and often result in in RCE.

Bulletin Two is a critical RCE in Silverlight and three isRCE is Visio. We haven't seen many Office vulnerabilities lately, they comearound now and then but nowhere near as often as they used to. It will beinteresting to see where the issue is here. Bulletin Four is an Elevation ofPrivilege in SharePoint. We've seen afew Silverlight and SharePoint issues over the last few months; these willprobably be similar.

As for the three important bulletins, the first one,bulletin five is Information Disclosure in OneNote, definitely not a packageyou see in the Microsoft Security Bulletins every month. Another package wedon't see to often is Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 and 2011, especially listedby themselves but Bulletin Six looks like it only impacts Office for Mac 2008and 2011. If I was a betting man I mightsay it could be related to Bulletin Three in Visio, we will have to wait untilTuesday to find out.

And finally Bulletin Seven, Elevation of Privilege inWindows and yes, everything from XP SP3 up to Windows 8 seems to be impacted.

We will know for sure what we are dealing with next Tuesday,so far it doesn't look to bad .

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