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Microsoft Advance Notification for Patch Tuesday – August 2013

No rest forthe weary. Microsoft has announced that there will be eight bulletins thismonth, which might not sound so bad until you realize that there are three of them are rated critical, all of which involve remote code execution. Of course number one involves none other than mostversions of Internet Explorer. Thesecond critical bulletin is for XP and Server 2003 and bulletin three is inExchange Server! Yikes!

Theremaining five bulletins are all rated Important and consist of two Elevationof Privilege, two Denial of Service and one Information Disclosure. All five ofthem impact various parts of Windows itself. Interesting that this month there doesn'tseem to be any Office, SharePoint, or other application level patches.

So whilemany of us are still recovering from a week in the Nevada desert you better getall the rest you need this weekend as next week we will have to test and deploythese patches.

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