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Microsoft Advance Notification for September 2013

This month Microsoftcontinues the recent tradition of large Patch Tuesday with fourteen Bulletinsthis month. No less than eight of them are categorized as remote code executionbut only four of them are rated as Critical. Nothing like a massive PatchTuesday month to remind you that summer is over and to welcome you back fromthe holiday.

These fourteen bulletinsdon't look like slouches either with critical bulletins in Sharepoint, Outlook,Internet Explorer and Windows itself. Although the Windows one looks like itonly impacts XP and Server 2003, which you have hopefully already migrated offof. A handful of the rest of the bulletins impact Microsoft Office, includingone for Excel on OSX in Office 2011.

So brush off all that beach sand, put down the mojito, put on a clean shirt andwe will see you here next Tuesday for the full run down.

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