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ModProfiler Presentation at OWASP AppSec Israel 2008

I will be giving the updated version of our ModProfiler presentation this Sunday (14th) at the OWASP Israel 2008 conference. ModProfiler has seen a release or two since Black Hat (where it was announced) so I can now speak with more experience about some of the challenges of automated positive model generation.

Ofer (who is organising the conference, by the way) will be speaking about What's Hot in 2008, which is always an interesting and well-attended talk.

The conference schedule looks great, but, judging from the presenters' names alone, I doubt many will be in English. (Not that it matters, as I will have to spend the afternoon working, back at Breach Security's offices in Herzliya.) This conference is the first time that I've seen anyone discussing database firewalls (let alone an open source one) at an application security conference: Yuli Stremovsky will be discussing GreenSQL. We should have that sort of thing more often. In case you're interested, another similar project is Open Database Security and Monitoring Solutions (ODSMS).