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ModSecurity Issue Tracker Now Available

I am happy to announce that we've just launched a public issue tracking facility for ModSecurity. It's available at https://www.modsecurity.org/tracker/. We've selected JIRA for this purpose, not only because it is the best issue tracking product our there, but also because we were given a free licence. Atlassian, the company behind JIRA, is generously offering free licences to open source projects. I had used JIRA in a previous job, and have nothing but good things to say about it. I am happy now that we will be using it for my favourite project.

We've been using a private Trac instance to track ModSecurity issues for nearly two years now. There wasn't any particular reason we decided to go with a private system, apart that to run a public system required additional effort. However, you can't really have an open source project with a private issue tracking system, so the pressure to go public (which we've put on ourselves) eventually pushed the task to the top. Furthermore, we've noticed that there are people who are not using the latest version of ModSecurity. Naturally, you are not supposed to upgrade just because there's a new version out there, but we were lacking a facility that would enable our users to judge for themselves whether an upgrade is needed. For example, an upgrade that improves security might be justified, but an upgrade because of a feature you are not using is not likely to be.

Our new tracker is empty at the moment, but it will start to fill-up as we start to use it to plan future releases. The system is open for public registration, so feel free to use it to report the problems you encounter.

Issue tracking is just a start, by the way. The generous people of Atlassian have granted us free licences for all their products. FishEye, Confluence and Crucible are all candidates for installation in the near future.