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ModSecurity v2.0 Webcast

In response to many of the common questions and issues posted to the mail-list, we at Breach Security decided to host a webcast to help provide answers and shed some light on the new v2.0 features – http://www.modsecurity.org/training/. This is the first of many training programs to support and enhance your use of ModSecurity and its dynamic web application security protection.

If you are interested in free training on:

  • The latest news on ModSecurity
  • Overview of he new features and rule sets in ModSecurity 2.0
  • How to install/deploy ModSecurity v2.0
  • How to migrate ModSecurity configuration and rules to the ModSecurity 2.0 format
  • Tips and tricks on using ModSecurity v2.0

The webcast is scheduled for Thursday, December 14th 2006 at 1:00pm EST. To register please click here.