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ModSecurity's Source Code Repository Is Now Open

I spent the last week importing ModSecurity's source code repository into subversion at Source Forge. I am proud to announce that a read-only version of ModSecurity's subversion repository is now publicly available. In addition to this, Atlassian has graciously given the ModSecurity project a license to use their software. We are currently using Jira to track reported issues, FishEye to track and analyze the code repository and have plans to add Confluence (a wiki) in the near future. Together, these tools allow users to test and apply fixes immediately as well as monitor the progress of reported issues and the progress of ModSecurity as a whole.

This is a big step forward for the ModSecurity project. The project is becoming much more open and feels more like an Open Source project should. Please take some time to look at the new tools. Comments are always welcome.