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SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise Vulnerabilities discussed @RSAC

Last week I gave a talk at RSA USA 2015 on SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise security, specifically on an authentication vulnerability and two Java sub-system security problems. A login called probe exists on virtually each and every ASE instance out there because it is installed along with the sa and jstask system logins. Each installation starting from 12.5 is vulnerable unless steps to disable the probe login have been taken. This vulnerability allows anyone to connect and run SQL statements without knowing a password, so go ahead and apply patches available ASAP!

The other two issues allow unprivileged database users to read and write files on the database server filesystem and load and execute arbitrary libraries in database process context. This essentially makes it possible to elevate privileges to database administrator, and then get access to any data stored in the database or launch subsequent attacks from compromised database server.

What should you do? Disable Java if it's not in use and also apply the available patches.

You can take a look at the slides from my talk here: Owning SAP ASE: Chained Database Attack

Trustwave has released an advisory that you can read here: SAP ASE "probe" login access vulnerability

At the following link you'll find a "probe" login client I've created: https://github.com/SpiderLabs/advisories-poc/tree/master/cve-2014-6284

Trustwave's DbProtect and AppDetectivePRO products help to verify that SAP ASE instances are secured against this particular vulnerability.