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SpiderLabs Crypto Contest - Hints

This is a post for those attempting to solve the Crypto contest I introduced a couple weeks ago. There are quite a few people wracking their brains on it so I decided to give some hints. It's difficult to describe how incredibly hard it can be to solve a Crypto algorithm that hasnt been seen before.

Without further ado, the hints:

1. It's called the Triforce Cipher, not Sierpinski's Triangle Cipher.

2. I introduced transposition and substitution in the blog because thats what the cipher uses. More accurately, Transposition THEN substitution.

3. Once you solve the transposition, look for uniqueness.

4. I said the cipher was simple, I didnt say it was easy ;)

5. There are no spaces in the answer, just letters.

6. Keep an eye on @atucom on twitter, I may release a couple more hints in the near future.