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Spiders Are FUN!!! at DEF CON 19

DEF CON's coming up soon (3 weeks to be exact), and there's a lot of excellent talks lined up, including 13 great selections from Trustwave SpiderLabs team members. But once the Vegas sun sets and the talks wrap up, the socializing and networking begins.

It's no secret that on Friday Night, August 5th, SpiderLabs will be hosting their 5th annual Spiders Are FUN party at DEF CON with drinks and music by SpiderLabs' Radio own Zack Fasel and Keith Swiat. The location and invites are secret, but now is your chance to win a pair of invites (for you and one friend) to Spiders Are FUN.

How do you submit an entry? It's simple. Create your best "Pentest John" meme using the following image or an image of your choosing:


What exactly is a Pentest John meme you ask? Started at THOTCON 0x2, Pentest John began as a meme to illustrate some of the jokes in the information security community revolving around poor security tests and security faux paus and continued to grow into multiple presentation slide decks. Sample Pentest Johns of the past include:


Be creative and original! To submit your entry, do the following

1) Create your favorite Pentest John (PTJ) meme photo and upload to a publically accessible spot.

2) Post on twitter a link to your PTJ with the hashtag of #spidersarefun

3) Repeat

The best Pentest John image will receive 2 invites to Spiders are FUN. Contest closes 7/28/11 at whatever time we decide to close it. Only publically accessible tweets can be viewed naturally, and thus counted. Winners decided at the sole decision of a panel of biased judges. Your results may vary.

We'll announce the winner on twitter and arrange delivery of the invites via there. PTJ Away.

In all serious though, thanks to John for letting us use his image as a part of the meme. He's an awesome tester who knows his stuff and is on our team. By no means is he a "pentest john". The name is simply coincidental (like a John Doe, or John Smith, or a John).