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Spiders Are Fun!, DEF CON's 21, Come Chat at Black Hat

Security week in Las Vegas will be here before we know it. The SpiderLabs team will be busy: talks (see a list below), a team meeting and our annual Spiders Are Fun! Party (reach out to your SpiderLabs contacts to see if you can score an invite).

In anticipation of the upcoming activities, SpiderLabs' bard-in-residence Martin Murfitt reflects in verse on what's to come:

It pays to have a suspicious mind they say:
To not think outside the box but burn it,
To not think a shape is vague but zoom in and discern it,
In the long nights brewing the time away.

But the binary of nineteen eighty is the binary of now,
The difference is it streams faster,
The difference is it leaks and that's a disaster,
The speeding spread of a broken vow.

In these turbulent times so much stays the same,
The planes are up in the air stream, the barbeques sizzle,
A teenager bored on their computer rotates chair to swivel,
And SpiderLabs is flying into DEF CON once again.

What a difference now the conference can drink,
The game of spot the fed is dead; they're not welcome,
Funny as they're probably the same men with the same gun,
In many prior years but now some fear needs time to think.

What a game changer a tweet can be,
But the Internet weighs no more than a strawberry,
Seems the data revelation is far from ordinary,
Let's put some rack space between you and me.

But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,
It says that in the airport,
Well then either this data counts for nought,
Or we live in an age where hackers are magus!

See you at the Con - you can count on gravity still being there, and on something going on.

SpiderLabs Talks at Black Hat, Def Con and BsidesLV

Black Hat