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The Return of SpiderLabs Radio: Now with Space Rogue

The SpiderLabs podcast known as SpiderLabs Radio has gone through many different formats over the years and has been released on a somewhat arbitrary schedule.  Starting now we are going to change that and release an episode every week on Friday afternoon, just in time for you to download and listen in on your commute home. 

For those of you who have subscribed to SpiderLabs Radio via iTunes, we hope to have the RSS feed pointing back there real soon. It has been submitted but takes time to go live. 

For now you can grab the podcast right here on the blog.  This week we cover news about SCADA, Vulnerability Sales, Onity Locks, PKNic, DNS, International Atomic Energy Agency, Romania, Piwik, confetti, RedHack and more!

Don't want to listen in the borwser or the player is not working? You can grab the direct MP3 here.

We actually released an epsidoe last week as well. The content may be a little dated now but if your interested here it is. Last week we covered a breech of French President computer systems, Andrew Auernheimer was convicted for downloading AT&T iPad UDIDs, ReVuln said they will sell SCADA 0-days, FreeBSD servers compromised, Israel hit with 44 Million attacks, and more!

Don't want to listen in the browser or the player is not working? You can grab the direct MP3 here.