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Trustwave 2015 Global Security Report Available Now

Trustwave 2015 GSR Banner

Today, we reveal our Trustwave 2015 Global Security Report. We've spent months analyzing hundreds of our data breach investigations over the past year, and culling threat intelligence from our industry-leading security research and data collected from technology managed by our five global Security Operations Centers (SOCs). We also aggregated, analyzed and reported on findings from our 2014 application security and penetration testing engagements.

We publish our report each year to relate developments in the threat landscape in the prior year to help businesses make good, fact-based decisions about their information security planning.

We encourage you to take a look at the report by downloading it at www.trustwave.com/gsr. You can also get a feel for some highlights from the report at our new Security Stats hub, or by registering to attend one of two webinars scheduled for June 11 at 10am CDTor 10am British Standard Time(4am CDT).